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  • Blog events are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes used as a numbers boost, other times to gain traffic, and sometimes just to have a fun event for like-minded bloggers to have fun. Regardless of the motivations behind the blog event, one thing remains true. A successful blog event needs blogs.

    With more and more bloggers hosting events, there may be some who have trouble getting bloggers to join their event. This could be for reasons they can’t control – like there being a surplus of events, or more events than the blogging community can handle. Or it can be due to factors the blogger can control.

    Today, we’re going to look at some of the reasons a blogger might not join a blog event.

    1. The event announcement lacks details.

    Lack of Event Details

    This is something that occurs far too often. A blogger decides to host an event and posts something along the lines of, “Hey! I’m celebrating reaching 10K followers, sign-up for my follower celebration event!” What’s missing? The details. I don’t know when the event will be, what are the requirements, or whether there’s a prize. Imagine if you were inviting someone to a party and you give them an invitation, but you don’t say where the party will be, when it will take place, or even if an RSVP is required. Give bloggers the critical event information they need to determine if they want to join your event. This may include (but is not limited to):

    • Event Dates
    • Participation Fees (if any)
    • Prize requirements (if any)
    • Posting requirements (if any – not recommended, see #4)
    • Sharing requirements (also not recommended)
    • Blog button (strongly recommended)

    2. You’re a new blogger or first time host.

    First Time Event Host

    Sometimes you need to earn your stripes in the blogging world. If you’re a new blogger or have not hosted an event before, other  bloggers may not know how well you run your events. You want to instill confidence by showing that you are organized and can run your event smoothly. Make sure your announcement has all of the required details. Network with the bloggers who do know you and see if they’ll join your event. Check out this post about how to run a successful group blog event to help get you started.

    I have learned to only participate in events that are hosted/organized by well-respected and reputable bloggers. Often, new bloggers are swept up in the “thrill of more followers” and find themselves in hops where readers have little chance to win or the blogger is scammed by the host. Giveaway hops & events with a cap on the number of bloggers are my favorites to participate in. – Emily, Nap Time is My Time

    3. It’s obvious you’re trying to make money off bloggers.

    Blog & Wallet Boost

    There’s a debate about whether or not it’s OK to make money off other bloggers through group giveaways. This usually involves charging all bloggers a certain buy-in amount to go towards a prize, but accepting more bloggers than is needed to fund the prize. For example, you may have 100 bloggers paying $3/link for a $200 prize. Some bloggers are incredibly successful at supplementing their income through these types of giveaways. While it may work for some, be aware that there are also many bloggers who will not join these types of events.

    I don’t think a cohost should pay to work with you on an event. I never charge my cohosts – we work together. If a company sponsors a prize I don’t think the host should make money off of other bloggers to give it away.

    A lot of it comes down to unethical behavior, not respecting fellow bloggers and taking advantage of others and allowing sponsors to take advantage of our colleagues. – Darcy, Tales from the Nursery

    4. You have too many requirements to participate.

    Too Many Participation Requirements

    Many bloggers charge companies and brands money for posting on their blog, so requiring a blogger to post about your event in order to participate, is like requiring them to give you free advertising they would normally charge for. The same is true for social media shares. If you add up the blog post and the social media shares, you could be asking the blogger to give your event $100 worth of free advertising in order to participate. If you’re going to have that requirement, be sure that your event will be giving participating bloggers a strong ROI.

    [Posting] the button I would charge for and I don’t want to do a post since that is something that should be paid. Bidding for cohost pages is just a turnoff and seems shady to me. Telling how much to share is too much commitment and work. I always share anyways but don’t want to join something that strict. Stacie, Simply Stacie

    I like to promote these events as much as my own posts/giveaways/etc, but 2+ times per day is excessive and makes the event (and my blog) look too spammy! – Kecia, Southern Girl Ramblings

    5. Your previous event was disorganized.

    Disorganized Event

    One time I received event code that was filled with so many typos and coding issues I had to spend over an hour formatting the post so it looked presentable. Even after all that, there were still broken links and changes that had to be made. The experience was enough that it’s unlikely I’ll participate in another one of the host’s events.

    Having a well-organized event will ensure that bloggers will keep coming back to your events. There are a few bloggers where I know that I will participate in every one of their events because they provide the required code and post information in a clear, timely, and organized fashion. Those three things are critical to any blog event’s success.

    When preparing your event code, make sure that the code/text you provide is unformatted. You may think big purple letters is awesome, but that won’t work for every blog. Include all required text and code. If you didn’t mention required sponsor text in your event post, then don’t sneak it into the post requirements unexpectedly. If there are any links, make sure they work. Send out the required information at least 24 hours before the posts are due, preferably 3-5 days before.

    6. There are too many entry options or too many participating blogs.

    Too Many Entry Options

    While some giveaways have ballooned in size, the giveaway forms seem to get longer and longer for entrants. Some bloggers have started receiving pushback from their readers saying that it was just too much. Some bloggers will not join an event if there are too many other blogs participating or if the entry forms get too long.

    I stopped because it’s unrealistic for my followers to have a chance when there are 300 ways to enter and 100 blogs posting. – Michelle, Mama’s Baby Cupcakes

    If there are too many entry options, entrants don’t like it. Michele, Money Saving Michele

    People who follow from ‘large events’ unfollow more often than those who find me organically. People who subscribe because of events don’t actually participate on Facebook or Twitter. – Heather, Acting Balanced

    I’d like to wrap these up by saying that none of these are “gospel truth”, so to speak. There may be successful blog events that break all of these “rules”, but those are usually the exception, not the rule. One good tip I always try to follow is, “If I was going to join an event, what would I like to know/see/be willing to do?” If you wouldn’t want to do something, chances are that others won’t either.

    What are some of the reasons you don’t (or do) join a blog event?

    21 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • Van says:

      So true post.
      However, I never really know what to write when I’m writing for a blog or on a blog! xD;

      I suck, horribly LOL

    • Katie Smith says:

      I am so glad you posted this. It does seam like there are a ton of blog events going on. I also hate joining them for all the same reasons. While I am still a new blogger and getting more fan and followers might help boost my numbers right away it still does not mean that they will come back. We need to learn to reach out to each other and work with a blog or two on an event, not EVER blog out there on one event!

    • Elle says:

      I will not even bother to enter those giveaways that have a humongous number of entries.

      I saw one the other day that had 6 or so pages with about 40 Facebook “likes” on a page for 25 entries per page.

      In no way is that worth my time or anyone time. The prize would have had to be at least several hundred dollars to make me even consider spending all that time entering.

      • Miriam says:

        I’m the same, Elle. As an entrant, I’m much less likely to enter a giveaway that requires me to jump through hoops unless it’s something totally awesome that I REALLY want.

    • Jennifer W says:

      I am a new blogger and this has so much information. I am truely greatful. I would love more help too if have more time.

    • Mike says:

      I won’t join a Giveaway that you have to pay, or write an announcement post. One of my favorite blogs to read, has become 75% blogger announcement posts now, so I unsubscribed from it. Why would a blogger ask another blogger to fill up their wall with these posts?

    • I don’t have a problem paying for a well organized event, but I hate those paid/free which do not promote. So many hops are not promoted by the host AT ALL. Tired of those!

      • Miriam says:

        I agree, Shelley. I’ve gladly paid in to events that were run by experienced bloggers and saw the benefits from it. It’s unlikely, though, that I would pay into an event that didn’t appear to be organized or well-planned. I need confidence in the host and in the success of the event to make a monetary investment.

    • Chasity Doris says:

      I have actually entered into giveaways before that had over 300 entries.

    • Yeah, I hate 300 entries. What’s a point. I like the bottom line of ROI, but it looks like there is overpopulation of these events and they are getting less effective

      • Miriam says:

        I think that’s why I tend to like blog hops a little more. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about bringing in potential new readers. Once they hop over, hopefully they’d stick around for awhile. With too many “free blogger opps” or mega-giveaways, bloggers are spreading themselves thing. Stocking their blogs with lots of copy/paste giveaway posts and not as much unique content.

    • I don’t like the large giveaways. And yes, I was getting ripped off by other bloggers, so that’s why I started my own giveaway group. I like nice small and easy giveaways and I want them to be fair to bloggers!!!

    • Karen Glatt says:

      I read some of the previous comments, and I have to agree with a lot of them. One way I agree, is having to like so many Facebook and twitter entries. The regular person can not follow tons of bloggers on Twitter. A blog event needs to know this, and not ask for so many Twitter follows.

    • Mike Davis says:

      I can see why– I could never be a blogger– I commend you ppl–that are– there is a lot of hard work, frustrations,headaches,time,patients,to accomplish the goals you all set for yourself–I hate the super long giveaways of 300 and something to finish to have to come back and do it all again the next day– its a waste of presious time–to be so redundent–You bloggers–have so much fortatude

    • Jo-Ann Brightman says:

      I don’t like the very large giveaways. You have given me much to think about in this post

    • Chelsey says:

      There seems to be so many huge blogger events, it’s hard to keep up with them. As others have said, I don’t even bother entering those unless the prize is awesome. Otherwise, I feel as if I’m liking, following, subscribing, etc. to tons of blogs that I don’t have the slightest interest in for nothing.

      • Miriam says:

        I’m the same. I’m definitely not going to like 100 different blogs for a chance to win a movie. But I might if it was something amazing.

    • Julie A says:

      I have thought about blogging but I’m working temp job, and a Mom and it seems like a lot of hard work. I post free things and sweeps to friends’ groups to be nice. I agree with you that there are too many entry options or too many participating blogs. This can get overwhelming and the chances to win go down. Thanks for the info! :)

    • Ace says:

      Nice post – I agree with most everything here! Blogger giveaways are fun, but I think they’re getting out of hand — “Earn 700 More Entries…” Pffff yea – likely!

    • md kennedy says:

      OMG, I never realized what there was to hosting and participating in a blog event. A whole other piece of my biz planto flesh out. Thank you so much!!

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