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  • Sometimes I feel like grocery stores are setting us up to eat unhealthy breakfasts. You know what they say – there is a reason why all of the super sugary cereals are about hip height (aka the height of your kids.) Walking down the cereal aisle could be like walking down a beach filled with sugar-exploding mines, all just ready to explode and impale us with sugar. The best way to walk down the aisle is to stay focused on a cereal option that will taste good to everyone yet is still healthy enough to eat without a guilty conscience. Barbara’s Bakery’s high fiber puffin cereals provide both the taste and the nutrients.

    The Product

    We got the name for our cereals from a long-time employee who fell in love with puffins (the birds) on an Alaskan trip. They inspired us to fledge a flock of delicious wheat-free Puffins cereals with a crunch that’s almost as amazing as the birds they were named for! The best part of a Puffins breakfast is the hearty crunch, followed by a satisfied morning powered by naturally sweet grains. Playful as their namesake, Puffins cereals are equally delicious swimming in a bowl of milk or scooped up by the handful.

    Barbara’s proudly debuts three new High Fiber cereals, each offering at least 40 percent of daily fiber needs and 50 percent whole grains, as well as Multigrain Puffins, the newest addition to the popular Puffins cereal line, with gluten free and Prebiotic NutraFlora health benefits.

    Starting in Fall 2010, all Barbara’s cereals come in 100% recycled, sustainable GreenChoice cartons (North America’s only certified recycled paperboard). Barbara’s products aren’t only good for the body, but they’re good for the environment, too!

    The Review

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Barbara’s Bakery’s Puffin Cereal. The sent me a collection of their Original, Blueberry, Multi-Grain and Fruit Medley Puffins as well as their Shredded Oats.

    Barbara's Bakery Puffins Cereal

    I thought that the Blueberry Puffins tasted like crunchy blueberry muffins. There are original and blueberry flavored Puffins mixed together and the blueberry Puffins will turn your milk blue – which could make it appealing to kids.

    Barbara's Bakery Puffins CerealIf you have kids who love sugary cereals, or are an adult who can’t picture yourself eating anything other than cocoa or krispie cereals, I would STRONGLY recommend you give the Puffin Fruit Medley a try. One bite and I couldn’t believe that these were healthy (but they are!) They taste just like a certain fruit-flavored loopy cereal. I think the sweetness comes from a coating on the cereal, not the other fruit shaped pieces.

    What makes all of the varieties great is that they are healthy. They give you a boatload of fiber and nutrients without sacrificing taste.  My favorite was definitely the Fruit Medley (I’ll admit that I like the extra sweetness) but could also picture myself snacking on the Original Puffins while watching TV.

    One other thing I really like about Barbara’s Bakery is their work with Project Puffin – supporting “the Audubon Society’s efforts to restore puffins to their former habitat of Eastern Egg Rock off the rugged coast of Maine.” The Puffins cereal was actually named after the Puffin bird, which I thought was cute, and I really like companies that help support the environment and the planet.

    About Barbara’s Bakery’s Natural Makeover

    While more people than ever are opting for naturally healthy lifestyles, making that transition can be a daunting task with so many options lining the grocery store aisles. As a leader in the natural foods industry, and in honor of its upcoming 40th Birthday, Barbara’s Bakery is getting a natural makeover of its own to make its products easier to find and to help shoppers make those important healthy choices.

    To celebrate this exciting time at Barbara’s, we’d like to invite you to consider your own all-natural food makeover by entering the Barbara’s Natural Makeover Contest for a chance to win the ultimate natural makeover! All you have to do is submit a video sharing your family’s worst food habits, your questions about eating natural foods, or what you’ve done to try and change your family’s habits by November 30, 2010. One winner will be chosen to receive a consultation with celebrity nutritionist Cheryl Forberg, RD, plus a trip to the Napa Valley in Northern California, where Barbara’s began making healthy and natural food 40 years ago. More information about the contest as well as tips for leading a balanced lifestyle can be found at www.BarbarasBakery.com.

    Barbara’s Bakery Online

    The WiC Project Barbara’s Bakery Giveaway!

    The Prize:

    Puffin BeanieOne lucky winner will receive this cute 6″ beanie puffin.

    This giveaway is closed.

    The Rules:

    One winner will be selected at random for this prize.

    Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST, September 21, 2010.

    Visit our Giveaway Rules page for general giveaway rules that also apply to this giveaway.

    Disclaimer: This post consists of my (and/or fellow tester) opinions only. No compensation was given for this review/giveaway. I did receive free Barbara’s Bakery products from the manufacturer or representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review. This did not affect the outcome of this review.

    43 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • sandy says:

      blueberry burst

    • Brandlyn says:

      Puffin’s Honey Rice Cereal is my favorite

    • denise says:

      Puffin Puffs, Crunchy Cocoa
      already subscribed

    • Felecia says:

      I think I would like the Puffins Cinnamon.

    • Felecia says:

      I’m an email subscriber.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like the Puffins Multigrain.

    • Kristen says:

      The Blueberry Burst would be good!!


    • israel y says:

      the Blueberry Burst

    • Benita says:

      I’d like to try Puffins Honey Rice.


    • Benita says:

      Email subscriber.


    • John says:

      Puffins Peanut Butter sounds pretty yummy!

      jmiller67 (at) mchsi dot com

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like to try the fuit & yogurt bars

    • Katklaw777 says:

      Have not trird these yet, but the Crunchy Cocoa Puffin Puffs look yummy, thanks.

    • Katklaw777 says:

      I subscribe via email.

    • Julie L says:

      Puffins® Cinnamon is what I would like to try

    • Julie L says:

      email subscriber

    • Stacy says:

      I like the Puffins Peanut Butter and the Puffins Cinnamon cereal.

    • brenda says:

      peanut butter


    • brenda says:

      subscribe to The WiC Project via reader

    • brenda says:

      subscribe to The WiC Project via email

    • coriwestphal says:

      I’d have to say the Puffin Puffs, Crunchy Cocoa sounds the best to me! Yum!

      coriwestphal at msn dot com

    • coriwestphal says:

      I’m an RSS subscriber via google reader.

      coriwestphal at msn dot com

    • Melissa B. says:

      I would like the Ultima Pomegranate.

    • Jill Myrick says:

      My favorite would be the Puffins Honey Rice.


    • Sue Farrell says:

      I think I would like the Puffins Multigrain cereal.

    • Rosie says:

      I’d like to try Puffins Peanut Butter. I love peanut butter flavored anything!

    • dawn says:

      Puffin Puffs, Crunchy Cocoa

    • Anonymous says:

      I would love blueberry burst! mmm suelee1998 @ gmail.com

    • Susan says:

      I would like the Puffins Cinnamon

    • Giveawaymommy says:

      I love the Shredded Oats Cinnamon Crunch cereal…so yummy!

    • kathy pease says:

      id love to try the Fruit & Yogurt Bar Blueberry Apple

      klp1965 (AT) myfairpoint (DOTNET)

    • 11newmom says:

      honey rice
      11newmom at gmail

    • 11newmom says:

      subscribed to email

    • Kelley C says:

      I’d like to try the peanut butter puffins.


    • Kelley C says:

      Added you to google reader.


    • Kelley C says:

      I subscribed to your email.


    • Annemarie says:

      I would love to try the Puffins Honey Rice!


    • Annemarie says:

      I subscribe via email.


    • Karen says:

      I think we would like the Peanut Butter Puffins.

    • Julie B says:

      I would love to try Honey Rice…and it’s gluten free, how great.

    • Julie B says:

      Just subscribed to your email.

    • Kelley C says:

      I was wondering if a winner was ever chosen for this one.

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