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  • I guess you could say we’re grillers. We’ve been known to barbeque in all weathers, including the middle of winter, when it’s snowing. Sometimes you just can’t capture the delicious flavors of BBQ and then you need to throw on some charcoal and start grilling.

    One of the things I’ve been using more of the past few BBQs is using different sauces and pork rubs – something more than just salt and pepper (which can still be very tasty.) Recently, we picked up a beautiful rack of spark ribs that was just screaming to be grilled. I decided to grab a bottle of Kraft BBQ Sauce – Honey and paired it with McCormick’s Sweet & Spicy Rub, with cinnamon and chipotle.

    First, we rubbed the rub into the spare ribs.

    McCormick's Sweet & Savory Rub

    We let it sit in the pan for a couple of hours to help the meat soak in some of the flavor of the rub. Then, the ribs went onto the grill. As we grilled, we basted the ribs on both sides with the Kraft BBQ Sauce – Honey. While the guys gathered around the grill, we cooked up some green beans and mashed potatoes as side dishes.

    Kraft Grilling

    A few minutes later, the ribs were sliced and everything was smelling amazing. At first bite, I was in love. The honey sauce adds a subtle sweetness that doesn’t overpower the meat. Plus, it tasted great on the slightly burnt areas (that have that lovely crunch without tasting burnt.) Then, as you would keep eating, you would detect the hint of chipotle and spicy flavor from the cinnamon. Each time you took a bite, you could taste a new flavor. It was delicious.

    Yummy Ribs with Kraft BBQ Sauce and McCormick's Rub

    Enter the “Dibs On My Ribs” Recipe Contest

    If you are a master-griller, or just like cooking ribs, you can enter the “Dibs On My Ribs” recipe contest. Submit your own recipe or vote for your favorite recipe. The recipe must be an original recipe that uses a minimum of 3 ingredients, including pork spareribs, McCormick spice or seasoning, and Kraft Foods BBQ Sauce. The prize for creating the winning recipe is a year’s supply of groceries from Walmart (score!) Make sure you check the rules for more details.

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    To enter your recipe or to view the submitted recipes, visit the Dibs on My Ribs website.

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    477 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • Tabathia B says:

      memphis dry rub seasoning, grill then add bbq sauce

    • Lynn says:

      i’ve never made spareribs before. we dont have a bbq, so i guess if i did make it.. slow cook it in an oven?

    • Suzanne Deleon says:

      BBQ on the Grill! My husband makes his own dry rub and puts on the ribs overnight and cooks the next day! They are so tender and have the best flavor! I’m drooling just thinkin’ about it!

    • Janet F says:

      I like to grill them with barbecue sauce.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    • susan says:

      We loved them grilled with a nice BBQ sauce.

    • penny hyde says:

      grilled with my secret rub!!!!

    • Mary Happymommy says:

      Grilled with barbecue sauce

    • Rochelle says:

      Definitely grilled with honey BBQ sauce. Thanks!

    • amy marantino says:

      grilled with lots of tangy bbq sauce

    • Jessica To says:

      I bake them in the oven with bbq sauce.

    • Elena says:

      I like them grilled with bbq sauce

    • Jessie C. says:

      Steam them first then grill with teriyaki sauce.

    • Marie says:

      molasses & brown sugar on a grill

    • Karen Glatt says:

      I always barbecue my ribs with sauce and slow cook it on the gas grill! I like ribs in the summertime!

    • TawndaM says:

      swimming in BBQ sauce… ☺

    • Debra L.Guillen says:

      dry rub them and then slow cook them in the crockpot prior to putting on the grill for a good sear

    • Mary Beth Elderton says:

      Slow cooked with sweet/hot BBQ sauce.

    • Jan Messali says:

      I cook them in the oven with Chili lime sauce.

    • Julie Lynn Bickham says:

      With homemade hony bbq sauce! My kids love em!

    • Christy says:

      Low and slow with a spicy rub.

    • grilled with BBQ sauce

    • D Schmidt says:

      I like to marinate them in spicy barbecue sauce before grilling

    • cindy cook says:

      i love them with bbq sauce honey flavored

    • Wanda McHenry says:

      Rub lemon halves while squeezing on both sides the slab, rub with rib rub. Stack slaps & wrap tight in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 8 hrs. Put ribs in the stack on indirect heat & rotate every 40 minutes. Then spread out and mop with your favorite bbq sauce! YUMMY!

    • Jennifer Winchester says:

      grill them with bbq sauce

    • Lisa Brown says:

      Honey and soy suace

    • Lisa Brown says:

      RSS with my yahoo reader via email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

    • Aisha Holley says:

      Soysauce and lemon with some garlic, onions, and pepper.

    • Cj. says:

      I like cooking spare ribs w/ a mesquite rub

    • Lisa says:

      With sweet sticky BBQ sauce or Corkys pork rub….long and slow so the meat just falls off the bone

    • Grill those babies!

    • Candice says:

      With honey bbq sauce.

    • Alicia K says:

      grill them

    • Natalie U says:

      On the grill with mesquite chips
      pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

    • Mary Jacobowitz says:

      In the oven.

    • Anne Loyd says:

      I love them smoked!

    • melina r says:

      like them grilled with original bbq sauce

    • Smoked then grilled. sooo good!

    • Dry rubbed over a charcoal flame.

    • Stephanie says:

      Grilled with lots of barbecue sauce

    • KJ Skib says:

      I love to cook them in the crock pot.

    • Crystal W says:

      My favorite way is to put them in crock pot with a honey bbq sauce and then serve with fresh corn on cob and baked beans!

    • Janet W. says:

      We like to grill them with honey bbq sauce!

    • Lori Thomas says:

      grilled, w/brown sugar & bbq sauce

    • Ashley Hatten says:

      we like to smoke our ribs

    • Meg Tucker says:

      Besides grilling spareribs i also do them in the crockpot!! Yummy!

    • Elis B. says:

      Slow cook the spareribs in the oven .

    • denise says:


    • Kelly Nicholson says:

      What’s your favorite way to cook spareribs?

      burnt!…love it!

    • Holly Thomas says:

      Boiled than Grilled!! :)

    • Jo-Ann Brightman says:

      Matinate the ribs and bake slowly

    • Andrea Williams says:

      I don’t have much experience with ribs, but I have some I want to try and cook in my oven.

    • Kelly D says:

      I like spareribs smokey, we have a smoker we use sometimes.

    • shelly peterson says:

      We season them up and bake them for a little bit first then throw them on a grill and baste them with lots of honey bbq sauce

    • Judy Gregory says:

      place on aluminum foil salt& pepper bottle of bbq sauce and drizzle with liquid smoke. in the oven at 325 for 3 hrs. taste like cooked outside but moist and falling off the bone

    • debbie jackson says:

      with lots of honey mustard on them

    • Brooke Bumgardner says:

      Confession time: I have never cooked spare ribs! But man, they look delicious!! I would love to taste those.

    • DeeAnn S says:

      I like my ribs slow cooked (oven or grill) with a spicy rub and a slathering of sweet sauce when just about ready to serve. Thanks.

    • ellen says:

      We cook em low and slow- first in the oven, let rest overnight (or 24 hours) then onto the grill for an hour.

    • Jamie Brigham says:

      I use pork rub and I buy Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce. We slow cook them on a propane grill.

    • Janice Cooper says:

      I love to cook them on the grill. First I whip up a base. I use the base on my ribs which really adds flavor along with my seasonings. I also use tons of bbq sauce and I also add brown sugar to sweeten the sauce.

    • kelly willis says:

      i season them up the night before put them in frige. then next day lather them with bbq sauce but the grille on low cook them for about 3 to 4 hr and as they are cooking baste them with bbq and wow the meat just fall right off and taste so good

    • Tina M says:

      I like them spice

    • we grill them with added smoke and use applewood spice on them

    • crystal lane says:

      Boil them with soul seasoning and then cook on grill for awhile and then put sweet baby rays honey bbq sauce on it.

    • Carly says:

      I love cooking my ribs on the grill with a hot spice rub.

    • sohamolina says:

      with a sweet or spicy sauce on the grill. maybe sweet AND spicy:)

    • Kiara says:

      I like my ribs slow cooked.

    • We parboil them and then bbq.

    • Jenna P says:

      Grill ’em up and serve them sloppy

    • Caren says:

      With tangy BBQ

    • Stefanie G says:

      grill them on the grill with bbq sauce

    • Adrienne gordon says:

      i put them in a smoker

    • g. penrod says:

      in the oven

    • Tari Lawson says:

      I like to cook them in the oven first then finish on the grill.

    • Ann Fantom says:

      I like to cook spareribs in our smoker with a honey barbeque sauce

    • Stephen Saunders says:

      In the crockpot.

    • Emily N says:

      Slow cooked in the crockpot.

    • Catie says:

      On the grill, with my mother-in-law’s secret rib rub!

    • Chrystal D says:

      I like to grill mine with some of my home made JD Glaze! YUMMY!

    • Margaret Smith says:

      I like to cook them on the grill very slowly and keep brushing with sweet bbq sauce.

    • Kyl Neusch says:

      tangy BBQ

    • Kristi C says:

      On the grill with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.

    • Monika I says:

      Low and slow-at least 10 hrs.

    • Theresa Jenkins says:

      parboil and on the grill with sweet baby rays bbq sauce

    • Rebecca Graham says:

      I like cooking them on the grill.

    • steph says:

      on the grill with cookies bbq

    • paige chandler says:

      On the grill with sweet BBQ sauce. Mmmmm

    • Linda Lansford says:

      we smoke them

    • stony says:

      slow cooked and lots of sauce

    • Chrissy Nestor says:

      On the grill with lot’s of BBQ sauce!

    • Jammie says:

      slow cooked all night with my husbands dry rub.

    • stephanie gregory says:

      On the pit with brown sugar!

    • LOIS PAYTON says:

      my mother always boiled them a little before putting them on the grill, that made them real tender, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL SAFE IN HIS LOVING ARMS.

    • Denise S says:

      Grilled spicy BBQ

    • Suzanne K says:

      I’d like to try them in a slow cooker

    • Lim says:

      On the grill with a slightly sweet, mostly smoky, sauce.

    • Mary Calabrese says:

      I love to throw them in the crockpot with a bottle of BBQ sauce. Easy!

    • Nicole Larsen says:

      My husband cooks them in the oven first and then finishes them on the grill!

    • Debbie Ellis says:

      Bake in Bar b q sauce.

    • Theresa Shafer says:

      I like to slow cook on the stove in a cast iron pot.

    • mrsshukra says:

      With Bbq sauce!

    • Cynthia C says:

      I like to slow roast in the oven and finish on the grill.

    • Debra Sl says:

      I always slow cook them, covered, in the oven. Then, drain the fat, smother with my sauce, and cook a bit more, turning often, to get the sauce glazed a bit.

    • Cynthia C says:

      It isn’t summer until the ribs are on the grill!

    • Lesley F says:

      I always cook them on the grill!

    • deb kovac says:

      I like using the slow cooker and then finish with the oven. Your picture are so good. They made me want a bite. LOL

    • Sara says:

      I roast them in the oven

    • Linda G. says:

      I like to cook them on the grill

    • Dry Rub, No sauce, slow and low (heat)..giddy up!!

    • Pamela g says:

      I start in the oven on low then finish on the grill for that great grilled taste.

    • I like to grill them

    • Janet Coats says:

      I like to put a good rub on them (preferably McCormicks) and let them sit for about 3hrs then we put them on the grill and baste them constantly with you favorite BBQ sauce and let them SLOW cook until the desired tenderness! The slower you cook them the more the sauce absorbs into the meat and then it will carry the sauce with it throughout.

    • Sue H. says:

      On the Bar-B-Que.Thanks for the giveaway!

    • chris z says:

      on the bbq!

    • Pamela Halligan says:

      Slow roasted with lots of barbecue sauce.

    • terri L says:

      B*B*Q* on the grill with tons of B*B*Q sauce!

    • Amy Tolley says:

      love to cook them on the grill in the summer time and other times slow cook them in the over then turn up the heat to crisp them in the end….yummy thanks for sharing this great giveaway with us…

    • nataly carbonell says:

      I seasoned it with lots of pepper then i slow cook it

    • Sherl Bastien says:

      I love my husband to grill slow outside…love any of the BBQ sauces with Honey or Maple

    • Keely Hostetter says:

      On the grill with BBQ sauce.

    • Christina Graham says:

      We use the slow cook and then grill method…and they are yummy!

    • Kathleen says:


      kport207 at gmail dot com

    • Christina Perry says:

      On the grill with BBQ sauce

    • danielle hall says:

      family mixes on the grill

    • JULIE TARDI says:

      on the grill

    • AuraR says:

      On the grill with lots of sauce

    • colleen boudreau says:

      On the grills.

    • Theresa J says:

      I love to grill them

    • Linda R says:

      On the grill

    • Terri says:

      I like them cooked on the grill

    • Stephanie A says:

      On the grill with a spicy or smoky sauce!

    • Jacob LaFountaine says:

      BBQd on a propane grill

    • Regina says:

      I like mine slow cooked with homemade BBQ sauce.
      tarter95 athotmail dot com

    • Shirley Smith says:

      On the grill smoothered in BBQ rub and sauce

    • Kathy Rambousek says:

      I’ve never used rubs. I love them with BBQ sauce and slow roasted on the grill

    • Trisha B says:

      I like to grill them for a long time on the lowest flame.

    • Erin R. says:

      I love mine with Honey BBQ sauce!

    • LaVonne says:

      Sorry, I don’t cook spare ribs. I am vegetarian (well I eat fish only). But I hope I can still enter!

    • in sour kraut
      Thanks for a great contest! janna johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com GFC: janna@feedyourpig

    • Amy Orvin says:

      Grill them

    • Kathlean Owens says:

      I actually like to slow cook them in BBQ sauce! It makes them super tender!

    • Cindy Merrill says:

      I cook ours in a slowcooker/crockpot: That way, dinner is ready when we get home.

    • susan varney says:

      they are so great with barbarque sauce on the grill

    • lisa m says:

      on the grill

    • Jaime says:

      Grilling is my favorite!

    • ivy arrington says:

      On the grill this season salt low

    • Monique Rizzo says:

      Marinate them and than grill em.
      Thanks for the chance.

    • Stephanie H says:

      I marinated them, then sear them in a frying pan. Then Roast them in the oven. I do not have a grill. I use to love it when my dad grilled them for our family.

    • Jennifer B. says:

      Smoked “low and slow” with a dry rub.

    • Sarah Hirsch says:

      on the grill with barbecue sauce

    • Nicole C. says:

      I cook them with BBQ sauce!

    • Stacey B says:

      I prefer them on the smoker with a mesquite or sweet bbq sauce

    • Daniel M says:

      just on the grill w/bbq sauce

    • Stacey B says:

      subscribed via rss google reader – stacey0711n(at)gmail(dot)com

    • Ericka says:

      With BBQ Sauce!!!

    • Ellen B says:

      I wish I had a grill – that’s the best

    • Amanda Alvarado says:

      Slow cooked (or smoked) on the grill.

    • Claudia says:

      I like them with BBQ sauce.

    • Amy Z says:

      On the grill until they’re falling off the bone. Mmm!

    • Wendy Pogrant says:

      on the grill with barbecue sauce

    • Gahome2mom says:

      I like using BBQ sauce or a dry rub.

    • Maryann says:

      I like them grilled, first with a dry rub and then sauce at the end

    • Pat B says:

      I soak them in oj to tenderize them and then bake low and slow with honey BBQ sauce

    • LORI WOLFE says:

      Been doing them in the slow cooker lately.

    • JD Blosser says:

      With BBQ sauce, slow cooked

    • sandra says:

      slowly baked in bbq sauce

    • Cynthia R says:

      i like a dry rub on them

    • Tara says:

      on the grill!

    • Billie says:

      On the grill and then topped on a sandwich.

    • nannypanpan says:

      i cook them in the crockpot

    • Carolyn G says:

      Grilled with a vinegar BBQ sauce

    • I love them Grilled, with alot of Sauce

    • Jennifer says:

      On the grill!

    • valerie says:

      dry rub, wrapped in foil, on the grill
      then after an hour remove foil but on BBQ sauce!! Yummy

    • Heather! says:

      My hubby uses liquid smoke to make them yummalicious. It might as well be magic to me, ’cause I don’t cook them!
      h4schaffer at gmail dot com

    • felecia says:

      I like to smoke them

    • Jo-Ann Brightman says:

      Every time I enter this giveaway and see the photos of the ribs my mouth starts watering!!

    • Paul T/Pauline T says:

      I like to boil it first then grill or smoke them with their sauces or rubs – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

    • Paul T/Pauline T says:

      Followed on RSS…Google reader subscriber …as Paul T / Pauline T (Paul Tran…pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me)

    • Kristen says:

      I like them on the bbq with lots of hickory sauce.

    • Karla Sceviour says:

      bbq them with a little bit of bbq sauce..yumm!
      ksceviour at hotmail dot com

    • LAMusing says:

      Parboil, light rub, cook low and slow and glaze with BBQ sauce

    • TRACY SIMMS says:

      on the grill..thanks

    • deb c says:

      I first boil them on the stove for 25 min., then marinade over night, and then cook on
      the grill.

    • Tammy S says:

      We put some seasonings on them and cook them slowly then we put on the BBQ sauce.

    • Kendra Krebs says:

      Low and slow on the bbq!!!

    • Cindy B says:

      Gotta cook ribs with a dry rub nice and slow and add any bbq sauce right at the end (if you want it).

    • Jennifer Haile says:

      With a dry rub and grilled.

    • Melissa Shirley says:

      I love them grilled and sweet and spicy

    • Lynda Del says:

      Either baked or on the BBQ grill.

    • Carly B. says:

      With BBQ sauce on the grill…the only way I know how…so far

    • ryan minton says:

      On the grill..but i love ribs anyway!


    • joni says:

      I always cook them in a pressure cooker then I put BBQ sauce on them and put them under a broiler or on the grill til gooey. Never fails!

    • Sumer says:

      on the grill with bbq sauce! yum!

    • RussR says:

      Cook up a little Take Out!

    • Sarah L says:

      In the crockpot.
      Thanks for the contest.

    • Donna Wilson says:

      to grill

    • BBQ, salt, and pepper on the grill.

    • Kristy Thiel says:

      I love it when they’re grilled. Thanks for hosting!

    • Tammy says:

      I love spareribs bbqed!
      dalleykt at live dot ca

    • Katie Rose says:

      slowly on the grill with indirect heat. And not too much sweet and tangy sauce…but plenty on the side for others.

    • Jennifer T. says:

      I love them grilled over charcoal and with a sweet and smoky sauce.

    • joseph gersch jr says:

      bbq them

    • Wendy Kroy says:

      With someone else doing it for me!

    • Gianna says:

      Broiled and bbq’d.

    • Karrie Smith says:

      I like to eat spareribs broiled then grilled.

    • Candie L says:

      We love them on our fire pit. Thank you

    • tara b. says:

      boiled slowly…then simmered in bbq sauce for a few hrs…then put on grill :)

    • Marie Fink says:

      In the crockpot!

    • Carol Diane Cross says:

      Starting off with a great rub on ribs makes it!

    • Rena Hyde says:

      On the grill with BBQ sauce

    • Crystal young says:

      Put them on the grill.With some bbq sauce.

    • Debbie says:

      I really could use this gift card. We are having such financial difficulties. It would be a blessing.

      • Debbie says:

        I like my spare ribs mild with the homemade barbeque sauce I make. I don’t like spicy so ours are always really mild and sweet.

    • Georgina Meis says:

      on the grill with Head Country BBq sauce

    • Ashley S says:

      I’m a vegetarian, so however my husband cooks them for himself lol

    • liz trout says:

      baked in oven

    • Amie Olson says:

      On the grill at home!

    • Sarah S says:

      With a little red curry paste in the sauce.

    • Jenna Burris says:

      I jsut started making them for the first time. I use a recipe from Americas test kitchen. and serve it over rice. so yummy!

    • Terri Moore says:

      haven’t made these myself but love to eat em…so invite me over when you grill. =]

    • Wendy R says:

      on the grill!

    • april yedinak says:

      braised with lots of bbq sauce

    • Barbara Montag says:

      Love my ribs on the grill – mesquite flavor.
      Thank you.

    • Aimee Fontenot says:

      Low and slow on the grill with a sweet and spicy dry rub.

    • Valerie says:

      grill out over charcoal.

    • Ruby says:

      in the oven

    • lexigurl Alexandra O says:

      We soak them and bake them in the oven!

    • Ellie W says:

      On the grill with a spicy rub.

    • hannah K says:

      slowcooked in the oven

    • Trasina McGahey says:

      I like to slow cook them in the crock pot all day and throw them on the grill right at the end!

    • Carmen Lebron says:

      I love my BBQ Spare Ribs glazed with an apricot /orange glaze ..Love the way it smells and tastes

    • Jennifer says:

      Grilled with brown sugar BBQ sauce.

    • Kaycee says:

      I love them BBQ’d

    • Donna Lindner says:

      I like my ribs falling off the bone. yum.

    • Naina John says:

      I am vegetarian so don’t cook ribs.

    • Karen A. says:

      We don’t grill as we have nowhere to do it. Ribs in the oven with some potatoes thrown in and nothing else but salt and pepper and a little oregano is our favorite.

    • dario says:

      I like thetm in the crock pot with onions and lots of bbq sauce

    • Geri S says:

      I LOVE to cook them on the grill with lots of BBQ sauce

    • Betsy Barnes says:

      My favorite way to cook ribs is in the crock pot :)

    • cathy ferguson says:

      I leave that up to the men! :)

    • CANELA says:

      Slow cook the on the BBQ if the weather is bad then I would broil them in the oven.

    • Shaina says:

      I love them grilled with bbq sauce!

    • laura says:

      i usually have someone else cook em..so idk lol

    • kelly goss says:

      parboiled in bbq sauce then on the grill slathered in bbq sauce!

    • Heidi H says:

      In the slow cooker!

    • kayla riddle says:

      I love them bbq’d and broiled!! yum!

    • Jackie says:

      BBQ in the crockpot!!!!!

    • Amy K says:

      bbq on the grill

    • Alan Tong says:

      salt and pepper, cooked over charcoal, and finished with BBQ sauce before taking them off the grill. Thanks!

    • cindy wade says:

      parboil them in water and bbq sauce,pineapple juice and seasonings. Then grill them brushing with more bbqsauce w/ pineapple juice! Yummy!

    • Candis says:

      I would so love to win this. I could really use it right now. Thanks for the chance!

    • Candis says:

      On the grill

    • Sherri Jackson says:

      on the grill with lots of bbq sauce.

    • jen gersch says:

      wih bbq sauce

    • Robin says:

      Dry rub then slow cook in oven or on grill then smother with my homemade bbq sauce. Bake a bit longer. MMMM http://www.robinseccentricities.com/2010/09/barbecue-pork-ribs.html

    • nancy says:

      I Just Made Some Lst Nite > Used Honey-Bar-B-Q Sauce ,SWeet Potato on Grill ,& Baked beans MMM GOOD !!

    • amy deeter says:

      on the grill with lots of bbq sauce

    • Cyndee Thomas says:

      I parboil the ribs, use the same bbque sauce as in your instructions above. Grill the ribs! Serve with favorite sides and eat! Enjoy!
      Thanks for a chance to win one of the Gift cards.

    • Amanda K. says:

      On the grill with bbq sauce (sweet & sour)

    • Misses Giveaways says:

      I like honey bbq on my ribs.

    • Jessica P. says:

      I don’t cook spare ribs(vegetarian),but my Dad loves to cook them on the grill with BBQ sauce.

    • alena svetelska says:

      best way its on the grill

    • Gale Nelson says:

      on the smoker

    • Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

      I like them in the crock pot with BBQ sauce so the meat just falls right off the bone! Mmm, now I’m hungry

    • AndreaH says:

      My favorite way is on the grill with my dad’s homemade BBQ sauce (non-tomato base) recipe.

    • Zanita says:

      I always boil my ribs for about an hour w/ Dales marinade added to the water, then put them on the grill w/BBQ sauce for about 15 min per side..

    • Cynthia W says:

      I like my spareribs cooked in the crockpot.
      cawillingham1202 at gmail dot com

    • Seyma Shabbir says:

      marinated with Soy sauce on the grill

    • Karen H in NC says:

      I’m not much for cooking ribs…I let my daughter do that. She does them on her smoker and they are outstanding!

    • Erica Barnes says:

      On the grill.

    • Nancy says:

      I love grilled ribs with a spice rub!

    • Betty says:

      boil them, then finish them under broiler with a glaze

    • Sara Campbell says:

      We love to boil them first and then put them on the grill. We also love to put either our homemade bbq sauce or our favorite store-bought bbq sauce on them.

    • Jodi Bradshaw says:

      i put a rub on them and put them on the grill and dip in bbq sauce. i dont put it on because some people dont like sauce

    • Andrea D. says:

      We boil ours and then grill them with lots of sauce. Thanks for the chance to enter.

    • Jennifer Speed says:

      We soak them in marinade for about 3 hours and then we put them on the grill

    • Tina Bartunek says:

      Marinade then add BBQ sauce.

    • christina schmidt says:

      I love to grill my ribs and use a homemade BBQ sauce

    • Lisa says:

      on the grill

    • Heather S says:

      grilled with honey bbq sauce

    • I like them barbecued with a sweet and sour sauce.

    • Teresa Moore says:

      I love them cooked on the grill.

    • Julie Cutshaw says:

      I like to saute them in sauce overnight then slowly grill them on the grill, your pictures. Of yours looks so good, thanks great giveaway

    • kyona sirico says:

      I’ve never cooked ribs before.

    • deb campbell says:

      marinate overnite and then smoke them

    • Nadene says:

      With lots of bbq sauce in the oven.

    • Dee says:

      marinated and then grilled! :)

    • Nell says:

      A nice dry rub,then 2hours in the smoker grill,some Sweet Baby Rays and another hour in the smoker,SWEET!

    • Birdie Skolfield says:

      on the BBQ with my dry rub & Jack Daniels sauce

    • Rebecca Shockley says:

      In the crockpot and with Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

    • Wendy Pesce says:

      Slowcooked is best

    • Cassandra Girouard says:

      Doesn’t matter how they are cooked I can’t eat them.. But thanks for the opportunity to win.

    • Gayle J says:

      we like them cooked on the grill

    • Melissa Finn says:

      In the slow cooker

    • seasoned with adobo and sazon piled together snug in a wok covered and put in the oven then half way through un cover add BBQ sauce mmmm

    • Debbie terry says:

      We boil them first. Then barbeque

    • Tami Q. says:

      Hubby charcoals them then finishes them in the oven.

    • Helen Stockwell says:

      Out on the grill, smoothered in BBQ Sauce and juicy!

    • Tiffany W says:

      with bbq sauce

    • Linda F says:

      on the grill with a homemade BBQ sauce

    • Toni Porter says:

      I love them slowcooked with BBQ sauce.

    • Cris Smith says:

      Well, I have someone else do it cause my cooking skills are…lacking.

    • Kris says:

      on the grill

    • lyndsey says:

      i cook them in the crock pot

    • barbara tryon says:

      We like to do them on the grill, they are awesome that way!

    • Katie R says:

      I love cooking them on the grill and smothering them in a bourbon bbq sauce

    • Anthony says:

      I like grilling them with rub and bbq sauce

    • Fiona N says:

      I like grilling them with honey and homemade spicy sauce!

    • Carol L says:

      I love them anyway at all but slow cooked in the oven is best with a delicious Barbeque sauce.
      Carol L.
      Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • Jennifer says:

      I love a dry rub and slow cooked!

    • jennifer cecil says:

      On the smoker with lots of BBQ Sauce.

    • Paula Michele Hafner says:

      I like to make them in the crock pot.

    • Inez Cegelis says:

      Ive never made them before but I recently found a good recipe for the slow cooker

    • Emmy says:

      Smoked, on the grill, and blackened

    • McKim says:

      With homemade barbecue sauce from my Grandma’s recipe.

    • James Van Hooser says:

      On the grill with bbq sauce.

    • Chelsea says:

      With cherry mustard

    • Pat says:

      In the slow cooker with honey barbeque sauce

    • Jamie N says:

      I cook them on the grill.

    • tamar says:

      with a great honey bbq sauce with a kick.

    • alyce poalillo says:

      Dry rub, slow cooked in a smoker

    • Cheri Anne says:

      Slowly on the grill with little sauce.

    • Chelsea M says:

      I love cooking them low and slow in the oven! (:

    • Kathleen S. says:

      Slathered in bbq sauce on and on the grill, yumm!

    • Sherry S. says:

      I love to cook them on the grill with a bbq sauce.

    • Charlotte V. says:

      Marinate them in my “special” sauce but making sure I don’t over marinate because it ruins them. Usually if I marinate 4 hrs or more I choose a sauce that has little salt. Then I love throwing them on the grill, serve them with some yummy grilled corn, and double baked potatoes! I want some now!

    • ky2here says:

      boiled then grilled with a savory rub and sauce – nothing sweet, no brown sugar

    • Caryn S says:

      We like them on the grill with a BBQ rub

    • sarah t says:

      we cook them on the grill

    • kendra W says:

      Grilling them with bbq

    • Derek T says:

      I love making them on the grill with BBQ sauce!

    • Susan Smith says:

      I love cooking ribs on the grill and smothering them in a smokey bbq sauce

    • Missy L says:

      In the oven with BBQ sauce and seasonings

    • Jennifer R says:

      slow cooked first in oven and then grilled with sauce on grill

    • harold D says:

      Slow cooked for hours until the meat falls off the bone.

    • Renee Shriner says:

      Boil them, and then grill them with barbecue sauce.

    • Theresa D says:

      I like to grill my ribs with BBQ sauce.

    • On the grill, hands down… but my Father in Law makes KILLER ribs slow cooked in the oven~

    • Mishia says:

      I love cooking them on the grill with lots of spicy bbq!

    • Kim W says:

      I like them hot off the grill

    • Ellen Levickis says:

      slathered in bbq sauce, doesn’t matter if grilled or baked

    • Lorrie (pinklady705) says:

      We love them cooked in a smoker.

    • krystle says:

      I’m a vegetarian, but I love using the grill for other stuff! :)

    • gina mihalik salter says:

      Slow cooked in the oven is my favorite but I love them all the time!

    • Linda Boyd says:

      with a rub that has been on for 24hrs. then indirect heat for about 2hrs , with a smoke box

    • Don D says:

      Slow and low on the grill

    • Erica C. says:

      I like them slow cooked and spicy.

    • Kaitlyn Strycker says:

      Grilling them with lots of BBQ sauce!

    • Kelley Roach says:

      slow cooked on the grill

    • Beth says:

      My husband likes to cook them on the grill.

    • Lanie K. says:

      I honestly don’t eat ribs. :/

    • Kathy Ross says:

      In the crock pot.

    • Amy says:

      Cook them on the grill with lots of sauce

    • Roxann says:

      I like them with lots of sweet sauce on them.

    • Debbie C says:

      My favorite is to coat them with yellow mustard, pat on a good layer of dry rub and slow cook them in a smoker.


    • s riches says:

      I slow cook them on the grill over low heat

    • Nancy Sloan says:

      I like them slow cooked or bbq grilled.

    • Michele Henneman says:

      In the crockpot

    • Lisa Brooks says:

      ribs, bbq sauce, crock slowly all day & they fall off the bone at dinner time. =)

    • patti novero says:

      on the grill then slow cooked in a pot of sauce.

    • micheal dale grim says:

      the best way to prepare ribs is to slow cook them ,up to 10 hrs then marinade them then give them about 4 more hrs!!!

    • Rebecca Peters says:

      ON the grill!

    • Jason says:

      I like to slow smoke them

    • Steven says:

      Slow cooked

    • kelly g says:

      bbq sauce and grill

    • Lorraine Brooks says:

      Low and slow

    • kathy pease says:

      i love them with a tangy barbeque sauce

    • Michelle W says:

      My favorite way is the easy way, in the slowcooker

    • Kim Reid says:

      In the oven – Thanks!

    • natalia ryjova says:

      I like them marinated and grilled.

    • Conor S. says:

      on the grill

    • Karen says:

      We love the boneless ribs grilled and soaking in bbq sauce

    • Sue14625 says:

      I love grilling pork chicken and veggies

    • Tim says:

      I like my ribs a little charred

    • Valeen N says:

      I love them grilled and drenched with mesquite BBQ sauce!

    • Brittney House says:

      I love cooking them on the grill.

    • Carolyn Daley says:

      Using a nice sweet marinade and grilling it to perfection

    • Stacy says:

      I’ve never actually cooked ribs!

    • Jimmy says:

      I like to grill them and use honey bbq

    • Chrystal J. says:

      I like ribs grilled with honey barbecue sauce.

    • Eileen Burke says:

      sweet and tangy on the grill!

    • Marty Harris says:

      With lots of sauce

    • David says:

      I generally like my ribs prepared professionally at a local restaurant

    • Joy F says:

      On the grill w/bbq sauce

    • Debra F says:

      I like them sweet but with a kick….grilled on the bbq

    • Melissa VandenBerg says:

      slowcooked with a curry spice rub!

    • Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

      love on the grill with molasses
      vmkids3 at msn dot com

    • Annemarie Z. says:

      I like to barbeque them and then cover them with barbeque sauce!

    • daniel thornton says:

      barbecued with lots of barbecue sauce

    • Jill says:

      My hubby is the grill cook. When I make ribs, I put them in the crockpot with an onion, salt and paper and some bbq sauce.

    • Tanya White says:

      My favorite way to cook spare ribs is on the grill.

    • Terri P says:

      I like to cook them slowly in the crockpot!

      Terri P
      pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

    • jeannine s says:

      I don’t cook ribs but fiance likes alot of sauce he makes on his

    • Michelle S says:

      I like cooking them in the oven..nothng fancy.

    • Kayla says:

      I like them cooked slow and sweet.

    • Lisa Fonseca says:

      Slow-cooked in the oven.


    • David E says:

      BBQ’d on the grill

    • Kelly King says:

      I love them on the grill!

    • Resham says:

      Thanks. Hope to win

    • Sarah says:

      I like to cook them in the crockpot.

    • Deborah Hogue says:

      I like to roast my spareribs in liquid for an hour and then remove the skin behind to get rid of any touch to eat pieces. Then I finish them on the grill with Sweet Baby Rays Honey Barbecue sauce.

    • Denise Donaldson says:

      slathered in bbq and garlic

    • justine says:

      Well the only way to do ribs is to marinate them for a few hours in a sweet and tangy sauce then grill to perfection!

    • latisha depoortere says:

      I like lots of Honey Barbecue sauce and grilled!

    • Victoria R. says:

      I use my dad’s secret marinade – let them soak all day – delish!

    • Sheryl says:

      I cook them on the stove first then finish in the oven.

    • Low & slow

    • Ciara B. says:

      grilled with honey bbq sauce

    • Re Morgan says:

      i slow cook them on the bbq pit

    • Crystal F says:

      We like to bake them in the oven, covered in bbq sauce. thank you!!

    • susan smoaks says:

      i like them falling off the bone and spicy hot!

    • Courtnie says:

      With lots of BBQ sauce

    • clynsg says:

      Since I don’t have a grill, I bake them in the oven with a tangy BBQ sauce.

    • Nik says:

      My husband loves to bbq…. we like lots of garlic and johnny’s seasoning in our sauces!

    • jeanne conner says:

      I cook them in the crock pot

    • marci h says:

      on the grill with a lot of BBQ sauce :)

    • Richard Hicks says:

      grill them!

      brich22 at earthlink dot net

    • Jeanette H. says:

      Slowly…on the grill

    • Ben J says:

      Slow cook on the grill and baste with honey BBQ :)

    • darlene lehman says:

      bbq sauce honey and tabasco sauce

    • Vanessa Dalton says:

      on the grill

    • jessica hager says:

      I like to grill them and soak them in my special sauce I make.

    • jessica schueler says:

      On the grill

    • Carol ONeil says:

      We like to let ours marniate in Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ Sauce and then grill. Talk about something good. Yummy, these are Awesome!

    • Traci says:

      I have never been very good at cooking ribs so reading everyones tips & tricks have been very helpful! My family will be happy!

    • joann tompkins winborn says:

      I don’t really make ribs very often at all anymore but when I did it was with a slow roast and a LOT of sauce!

    • nancy weldon says:

      I put mine in Crockpot Honey Bar-b-Que sauce

    • Nan Bixby says:

      On the grill slathered with sauce

    • diana says:

      my favorite way is to use a nice rub and then slather on my partner’s family recipe of bbq sauce on the grill of course!

    • Kyeisha B. says:

      Slow then sear them on the grill

    • Kathy Goyer says:

      I cook my ribs on the grill, they are awesome.

    • mary gardner says:

      on the grill with honey barbecue sauce

      jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

    • Anthony bo says:

      I LOVE RIBS!!!

    • Julie Klein says:

      Boil them and then bake them in the oven.

    • Dorothy Hubbard says:

      In my crockpot with lots of onions, garlic and BBQ sauce.

    • Ella Brooks says:

      Dry Rub by Bobby Flay

    • Tara Woods says:

      grilled with hot and spicy bbq sauce

    • KIM CRAWFORD says:



    • Virginia Rowell says:

      first I bake them with a rub and then put them on the grill to finish them.

    • Angela H says:

      Either the grill or crockpot.

    • Kitty says:

      The way my mother always made spareribs, with sauerkraut.

    • Heather Poindexter says:

      I throw them in a crock pot with some jelly and bbq sauce, when they are almost done I put them on the grill.

    • Brenda Elsner says:

      I like my ribs with honey bbq sauce.

    • Christy Weller says:

      For me it depends on the season, in spring/summer we like to smother them in BBQ sauce and grill them, in Fall/winter, I either bake them or put them in a slow cooker with BBQ sauce.


    • angie lilly says:

      I am actually a vegetarian, so I don’t cook ribs. Even when I ate meat, I never had ribs. I do love Morningstar Farms Riblets! LOL Hope that is OK! LOL

    • Patrice says:

      On the grill!

    • Heidi says:

      Bbq’d with lots of sauce!

    • Angela Winesburg says:

      I love them grilled with bbq sauce

    • Ericka says:

      On the grill with babyray’s bbq sauce

    • christal c w says:

      barbeeque on the grill

    • Breanne says:


    • meme says:

      I love to grill the a dry rub and bbq sauce

    • mell says:

      slow and low on a barbeque pit

    • Liz Neal says:

      I like to rub them down with a dry rub, put them on the grill, and serve sauce on the side.

    • I like them on the BBQ!

    • Laurie Emerson says:

      I like to make a marinade and marinate them overnight. I then put them on the grill the next night.
      lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

    • Michelle Spayde says:


    • Jessica says:

      Grilled & marinated.

    • Kenny F says:


    • mike b says:

      low and slow with a nice sticky and sweet bbq sauce

    • Donna L says:

      On the grill with a sweet bbq sauce.

    • Kat says:

      Grill with sweet tangy sauce

    • Lucy Schwartz says:

      We like them baked or grilled with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

    • Aaron Bretveld says:

      I’ve never actually cooked spareribs but I’d like to try the Alton Brown method of cooking ribs in the oven in foil packets because he said it was pretty foolproof.

    • Tim Moss says:

      On the grill please!

    • Veronica Garrett says:

      I like to grill them slowly with barbecue sauce on a grill.

    • corrie says:

      we put them in the slow cooker for 8 hours and they just fall apart.
      and i put them in bbq sauce.

    • Barbara R. says:


    • Shanda J. says:

      We love cooking spareribs on the charcoal grill

    • DanV says:

      I like them broiled

    • Trisha McKee says:

      In the fire pit with spicy sauce.

    • Kim Holsapple says:

      I don’t have any luck so we visit The Corner Stable in cockeysville, md to get the best cooked ribs in MD. LOL

    • AEKZ2 says:

      Grilled is my favorite

    • joel sternenberg says:

      yes it when go ther

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