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  • I know that we’ve talked about spring cleaning a few times now. With all of the messes and things that need to be cleaned, I’ve accrued a nice collection of products that are “specialty” cleaners. There are cleaners for toilets, cleaneres for stoves, special stain removers – you get the idea. Now, there’s a cleaner on the market that does everything you need when it comes to cleaning, the new Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy-Duty Stain Remover.

    Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy-Duty Stain Remover

    About My Dirty Jobs

    America’s dirtiest jobs have to get clean and My Dirty Jobs, LLC has found a way to clean the messiest disasters of carpet stains, laundry stains or general messes with a brand new line of household cleaning products that gets everything squeaky clean.

    The Review

    While there are a lot of dirty jobs around the house – whether it’s cleaning greasy oven tops and microwaves or scrubbing soap scum from shower doors, I decided to put the Dirty Jobs Heavy Dute Complete Cleaner through quite possibly one of the toughest, dirtiest jobs I know – cleaning the oven door.

    I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since I last cleaned the oven, so I won’t. 😉 But let’s suffice it to say that it’s been awhile, which has offered ample time for dirt and grease and grime to pile up on what was once crystal clear glass. Sounds like the perfect test for Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy-Duty Stain Remover and it’s uber Oxygen Power, right? Right.

    Oven Door CleaningI opened the door, and applied some of the Dirty Jobs cleaner, then mixed in some water, creating a paste-like texture that I rubbed onto the oven door and let sit for a few minutes. (Note, that isn’t part of the official instructions, but I thought it helped provide time for the stain fighting powers to work.) Then, I grabbed one of my scrubber sponges and added a little bit of elbow grease. I was amazed at how quickly some of the grime and grease stains disappeared from the door. You can see a before/after shot of the results after just a few seconds (may 30 seconds) of scrubbing. I would say that’s a pretty amazing cleaning job.

    Next, we went into the laundry room to see how effective it is at removing laundry stains. I used a dirty, greasy kitchen rag as my test cloth. Simply add a measured scoop of the Dirty Jobs Complete Heavy-Duty Stain Remover to your load to help get your clothes cleaner. I was amazed at how well it cleaned the kitchen stains from the rag. There was one stain that was a little tougher, where I should have used the Dirty Jobs cleaner as a stain remover first, letting the oxygen power do it’s thing for awhile before washing, but the results were still impressive.

    Dirty Rag Cleaning

    I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Dirty Jobs cleaner actually cleaned so many dirty jobs. With a higher concentration of oxygen powered enzyme than any other stain remover on the market, it attacks stains but is gentle on fabrics and other hard surfaces. It makes sense that Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs would want to get involved since the products are so effective at addressing dirty.

    To check out the new Dirty Jobs cleaning products, you can find the full product line in Walmart stores nationwide. You can also purchase the Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Multi-Surface cleaner online through Amazon.

    My Dirty Jobs Online

    The WiC Project My Dirty Jobs Giveaway

    The Prize:

    One winner will receive the Dirty Jobs Heavy Duty Complete cleaner!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclaimer: This post consists of my (and/or fellow tester) opinions only. Your experiences may be different. No compensation was given for this review/giveaway. I did receive a free product from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review. This did not affect the outcome of this review.

    160 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • Courtney P. says:

      The toughest Dirty Job I have is by far my kitchen. It seems like no matter how much I clean it, it’s always dirty!

    • Holly Thomas says:

      The oven!! :(

    • Anita says:

      My toughest job would certainly be my oven. It has not been done in…. well, as long as yours! It’s been a while!!

    • darlene lehman says:

      the wall spot behind the stove and the sides of the stove you know how you get the splatter spots it looks super yucky

    • Erica Stouffer says:

      The toughest job was when I had a thermos full of hot cocoa and we forgot to empty it. Well someone put it on top of the kitchen cabinet thinking it was empty and clean. Months later it exploded while we were gone. Nasty smelling cocoa everywhere! It sat there for 2 days at least. YUCK!

    • Lisa says:

      Outdoor BBQ….YUCK!!

    • KATIE KLEIN says:

      My shower and the oven are the too worst things to clean.

    • Janis Rodgers says:

      The kitchen or the bathroom. they both irritate me equally.

    • Linda White says:

      the shower walls and tub, especially the textured floor of the tub!

    • Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

      the bathroom and shower
      vmkids3 at msn dot com

    • Mary Beth Elderton says:

      The bathrooms. Ugh!

    • Tracy Chiniewicz says:

      The toughest job? My kids laundry. I don’t know where they find it, but the dirt and grime is yuck!

    • tami s says:

      dirty baseball pants

    • My kitchen, I constantly have dishes and my washer and dryer is also in my kitchen and my kitchen is small but I constantly cleaning my kitchen.

    • Peter says:

      sweatpants after soccer practice.

    • Marcia G says:

      What about nicotine???? On like plastic, like in the backcover around a shower…..I have tried everything?

    • Ashley says:

      The toughest dirty job I have to clean is the tub, it seems to get dirty quickly.

    • gahome2mom says:

      One of my toughest is greasy towels from cleaning up electric skillets and similar appliances.

    • Keely Hostetter says:

      My shower grout- it is impossible to keep clean.

    • Robin Bouza says:

      My kitchen is probably the dirtiest job. I have a dog, 2 cats, and a husband. I’m cleaning something in there 25 x’s a day!

      Thanks for the giveaway!:)
      Robin Bouza

    • jessica hager says:

      The bath tub! My husband works at a garage and he’s very greasy when he comes home!

    • Debra Gaswint says:

      To be honest, my toughest cleaning job is usually the bathtub, with all the showers and b aths everybody takes, it’s hard to keep it clean and from getting that soap ring around the bottom of the tub!

    • denise says:

      laundry from the teenage boys–ewww

    • Amy Tolley says:

      in my house with three males living here its always the bathroom thanks for this giveaway

    • Heather Poindexter says:

      Worst or dirtyist job is those seams in m shower. I clean the tub/shower weekly but wait 4-5 months to get into the seams.

    • Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says:

      toughest job would be my oven

    • Christina Ferguson says:

      I have two jobs I hate…the oven and my shower doors.:(

    • Beth Rayle McCubbins says:

      The oven and my shower.

    • DAMIAN JARREAU says:

      The oven

    • Stephanie H says:

      I have had to clean out chimney

    • rebeka deleon says:

      the toughest job would be my shower. the people here never cleaned it before us and the landlord should have replaced all the tiles. it is gross.

    • Andrea D. says:

      My rags that I use to clean out my oven or the grill are the messiest I have cleaned yet.

    • Zanita says:

      my husband does work on machinery so grease is a huge factor in our bathtub, I have tried so many of the best cleaning products and it almost impossible to scrub off, but with the dirty jobs cleaning products it doesn’t make it seem hard at all.

    • Samantha E says:

      The kitchen

    • Jodi Bradshaw says:

      my bathrooms. we have brown water where we live and can’t keep the toilet or shower clean

    • Catie says:

      My toughest job is all the dirt/mud from my dog! Towels, sheets, couches – you name it, he’s dirtied it!

    • Michele Behlen says:

      My toughest job is getting my husband’s work clothes clean.

    • kimbuckjr says:

      The toughest Dirty Job I have to clean in my home is my daughter’s school uniform. Ugh, she is always spilling her lunch on her uniform.

    • Sue King says:

      The bathroom is toughest.

    • judy gregory says:

      i have 7 pomeranians ever clean after birth out of a play pen?

    • Mare S says:

      The oven is definitely the worst, especially the broiler. Ugh.

    • Michelle B says:

      The oven is the worst.

    • Gianna says:

      The carpet.

    • Jaime says:

      The oven and the toilet :-)

    • felecia says:

      The shower is the worst.

    • Vicki Wurgler says:

      outdoor grill

    • Elizabeth says:

      Carpet, I have 3 cats and a dog. I NEED this!

    • carol roberts says:

      my towels hand towels

    • Rise Isom says:


    • Ann Fantom says:

      My daughter’s stained clothing (Food and grass stains)

    • Charlotte Padgett says:

      My stove top and the dishrag I try to clean it with. This sounds like it would really work well with these two things.

    • Jessica says:

      The cat box is really hard to keep clean

    • dan williams says:

      twitted this, cleaning the tile floor

    • pam r. says:

      The bottom of the oven is the hardest thing to get clean in my home

    • Susan Smith says:

      The grill

    • Julie B. says:

      Probably cleaning up after our elderly cocker spaniel, who has accidents pretty often.

    • Debra S says:

      ewwww… my garage floor. just AWFUL.

    • Karen says:

      My oven!


      Dog throw-up. My German Shepherd male got into some raw chicken – oh’ it was a horrid mess I will never forget.
      liked on fb!

    • christine jessamine says:

      the oven for me is the most difficult

    • Kiley P. says:

      The bathroom

    • Linda Lansford says:

      I have to clean greasy floors

    • Lane Mahnke says:

      The oven and stove seem to be the hardest things to clean.

    • Paul T / Pauline T says:

      The toughest thing to clean was my clothes when I was working on old commercial top & front loader washers and commercial dryers…stains with grease, lints, rust, and old detergents. – emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

    • Brooke Bumgardner says:

      The oven/stove are the hardest for me to get clean.

    • deb c says:

      The toughest job is getting red clay stains out of white socks.

    • SueSueper says:

      Kitchen Dishcloths are never new looking!! they need help.

    • Lynn Wittner says:

      Keeping anything clean in the kitchen is hard from the oven to the floors I am forever cleaning!

    • Sarah Walker says:

      The accidents my still being potty trained puppy has in the house.

    • Karen Gonyea says:

      The stove top !!

    • Seyma Shabbir says:

      Vomit and drink stains from carpet

    • Erin Rok says:

      Rags from cleaning out the stove and microwave

    • Jeannette Laframboise says:

      The toughest cleaning job for me is laundry. I still have 3 boys at home and my husband of course but cleaning the stains on their clothes is a nasty job! I have threatened more than once to have them all scrub the stains out of their own clothes but it doesn’t seem to bother them at all?? Men! Boys! Ah well, if I win this product will help me clean away the stains! :-)

    • Leslie Galloway says:

      The dogs’ outdoor bedding is our worst job.

      Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

    • Julie Lynn Bickham says:

      The bathtub.

    • My husbands work uniform uggghhhhh i can never get it clean

    • ashlee walls says:

      The bathroom is the hardest for me with the soap build up, teen boy toilet misses and teen girl hairspray mess I swear I scrub more and more every day

    • Cálaeb Temple says:

      probably the tiles.

    • david basile says:

      cleaning a plumbing trap out

    • Carpets – they beige and I have 2 black dogs…ugh!

    • Rochelle says:

      For me it has to be the stove. Thanks!

    • adrienne z says:

      i hate cleaning the stove & even worse is the oven

    • Janet F says:

      Oil and grass stains.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Jennifer Hiles says:

      I’m torn between my husbands clothes (grease, woodchips, paint, etc) and my one year old’s everyday messes!

    • Ron Casteel says:

      For me it is the laundry my work chothes

    • Ju P. says:

      The dirtiest jobs in my home are pet messes (vomit specifically)

    • Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

      the toughest job here is keeping the bathtub clean
      thanks for the giveaway

    • Rosemary M. says:

      Definitely the stovetop, I get kinda lazy about cleaning it and stuff just gets cooked on.

    • Sharla says:

      Son on the oil rigs – believing that it will tidy them up real quick !

    • s riches says:

      My dirtiest job is when I use the weed trimmer.

    • nannypanpan says:

      my shower..ugh

    • Suzannah Clark says:

      my stove top is a constant battle

    • kirk says:

      I have a 3 year old boy, and a 2 year old dog. Need i say more?

    • stacey horning says:

      The kitty litter bin is hard to keep clean and my dog cage floor (my dog hates his cage with a passion)

    • Amber says:

      My 2-year old daughter who wants to be naked all the time, which results in accidents galore.

    • Richard Morris says:

      my youngest is potty training…it may not be the grossest but it still ain’t fun cleaning up when he has an accident

    • Richard Morris says:

      Between a potty training kid & cat…loads of fun

    • Cynthia W says:

      My dog’s laundry is the toughest dirty job around the house.

    • Cynthia W says:

      The laundry is the toughest dirty job around the house.

    • joana says:

      the bathroom

    • Michelle Frantz says:

      We live in NC and have two dogs. We have that red clay soil here and it’s almost impossible to get out of socks!! Hate it.

    • Tammy S says:

      My toughest Dirty Job has got to be my oven. I have two teenagres that love to cook. The problem is they leave behind a mess in the oven.

    • Marthalynn says:

      For me, it’s the tubs and showers.

    • Kendra W says:

      My stove and my kids bathroom ;p

    • Paula Tavernie says:

      The Bathroom Toillets!
      ptavernie at yahoo dot com

    • marc-andre taillefer says:

      The Bathroom Toillets!

    • tamar says:

      my couch since it’s always being dirtied by my 3 year old and now we have a 3 week old.

    • Meg Tucker says:

      I have to say my bath and kitchen floors…..This is probably because cleaning them is my least favorite chore!!!

    • Sandra Beeman says:

      I have an extremely old kitchen floor and no matter what I try I can’t get it clean, not to mention have it looking acceptable!@

    • debbie jackson says:

      tub and shower

    • michealgrim says:

      it would be the kitchen

    • jennifer capin says:


    • karen flath says:

      I would use it in the kitchen and bathroom :-)

    • jennifer capin says:

      the bathroom

    • the dirtiest job is of course the bathroom, two grown men and a grandson cause a huge mess!

    • candace swoveland says:

      kitchen by far

    • the bathroom definately

    • Stacy says:

      Cleaning the shower!

    • Felina M says:

      I bought an old stove at a sale & when it looked clean but when I took the top off…yuck! Pure lumps of grease & hunks of old food! I cleaned to 2 days before I felt ok about using it.

    • Agi B says:

      Def the oven! The worst!

    • jennifer says:

      Right now, our stove is pretty disgusting.

    • terri morgan says:

      the bathroom

    • terri morgan says:

      the refrigerator. ,my kids think spills just magically disappear on their own.

    • andalene says:

      Behind the stove, on top of the cupboards in the kitchen – both disgusting.

    • Desiree Grubbs says:

      definitely the oven and stove.

    • Kaitlyn Strycker says:

      The rabbit’s room 😛

    • My dog’s blanket & bed… UGH!

    • Alexandra Roach says:

      The stove!

    • anthonyciofani says:

      around the sink its disgusting

    • Suzanna60 says:

      for me its my outdoor furniture and my front and back steps -yep we gotta clean em or get tickets and fines

    • Jamie K says:

      My dirtiest job is cleaning up the kitchen anytime the hubby cooks LOL

    • Shanda S. says:

      Definitely my oven! Speaking of, I dropped a hot Pyrex dish a few months ago. My food literally caked on the bottom of my oven. I still don’t have it all off … and I scrubbed for hours that night!

    • Lisa McKinnon says:

      My toughest job I have to clean in my home would have to be the grime in the bath tub, around the caulking. Really disgusting.

    • Elizabeth (BookAttict) says:

      Probably the filters from my stove vents!

      elizabeth @ bookattict . com

    • LaTanya says:

      stove top and oven

    • Sandra Brower says:

      2X Toilets.. I hate that job!!

    • Andrea says:

      the kitchen appliances, especially the oven..it’s extremely old

    • Holly S. says:

      Cleaning anything that has sat around the stovetop counters. It seems to get filmed in a sticky grease that is a pain to scrub off. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • richelle bowers says:

      i have 2 kids and 2 dogs….everything is dirty lol

    • Christina Cannon says:

      The bathroom

    • Nicole C. says:

      For me, it is always the bathroom.

    • melanei montgomery says:

      our kitchen!

    • harold D says:

      Front porch area

    • Jessica Hays says:

      The toughest job I have is my child’s bedroom carpet!

      jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

    • Lisa Fonseca says:

      Hard water stains in toilets.

    • Vesper says:

      kitchen floor is the worst

    • Christy Weller says:

      My toughest dirty job is some of my daughters clothes, mostly grass stains.


    • mark c says:

      i hate hard water, it leaves scale everywhere and you need CLR to remove it.

    • Z M says:

      my bathroom

    • shirley zolenski says:

      My oven. yuck

    • Karri Steed Dry says:

      Washing poopie cloth diapers. 😛

    • Natalie Parisee says:

      I will try it every where it’s possible.

      If it’s good, I will take about it.

    • jessica schueler says:

      Bathroom tub and toilets

    • laura ari says:

      Cleaning the oven

    • Probably the toilet.

    • Gaines Simmons says:

      Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. Cleaning up after our pets is the hardest and dirtiest job.

    • heather c says:

      My floors! Somehow, they get dirty all the time!

    • brian e. says:

      Thanks for the giveaway…our monthly cleaning of our kitchen exhaust fan is a tough cleaning job i.e. grease & dirt on metal .

      senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Tim Moss says:

      My computer room probably due to hoarding.

    • Rachel Newman says:

      Around our tub – there is some nasty stuff, and I hate to clean it!

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