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    One of my favorite snacks of all time is kettle corn. It is almost the perfect snack – a little sweet, a little salty, not too heavy or too light, and totally delicious. Of course, once I discovered kettle corn, I had to learn how to make kettle corn at home. For this Memorial Day weekend, I want to make kettle corn that has a little more “oopmh” by adding a hint of chocolate, caramel, and cookie with TWIX® Bites.

    Fortunately, I already had most of the ingredients to make TWIX® Bites Kettle Corn. Popping corn? Check. Oil? Check. Salt and sugar? Check and check. TWIX® Bites? Nope. So, during our last Walmart run, we stopped by the candy aisle to grab a bag of TWIX® Bites (along with Snickers® Bites too, but who’s keeping track?)

    Walmart Candy Aisle - TWIX Bites

    Another bonus of buying two or more bags, Social Twist currently has a coupon where you can receive $1.00 off when you buy two 2.83 oz. or larger bags OR $3.00 off when you buy two 6 oz. or larger bags.

    TWIX Bites Coupon

    Once I got home, it was time to start cooking. One of the great things about kettle corn is that it’s pretty easy to make (think a one pot deal.) By adding TWIX® Bites, it takes kettle corn from a nice snack to a great snack, or even a great dessert.

    Twix Bites Kettle Corn

    TWIX® Bites Kettle Corn Recipe

    TWIX® Bites Kettle Corn
    Recipe type: Dessert
    Serves: 6
    A chocolate, caramel twist on a traditional snack.
    • 1 cup white corn kernels
    • ½ cup oil (corn, vegetable, or coconut)
    • ½ cup sugar
    • Salt
    • 1 cup TWIX® Bites, chopped
    1. Carefully chop up TWIX® Bites into small pieces. Set aside.
    2. In a deep pot, heat oil over medium heat.
    3. Add three "test" corn kernels to be your test poppers. There should be enough oil to completely cover the tops of the kernels.
    4. When all three kernels have popped, add in ½ cup sugar and stir.
    5. Pour in 1 cup of corn kernels and stir until all of the kernels are coated with the sugary oil mixture. IMPORTANT: Cover the pot with a sturdy lid.
    6. Once the corn starts popping, carefully shake the pot to mix.
    7. Keep lifting and shaking the pot until all your corn is popped.
    8. CAREFULLY pour your fresh kettle corn into a bowl and drain any excess oil.
    9. While the kettle corn is still hot, add 1 cup chopped TWIX® Bites and mix.
    10. Lightly season with salt to taste.
    11. Let cool (slightly) and enjoy!

    There are basically two parts to this snack-dessert twist. Kettle Corn and TWIX® Bites. First, we’ll start with the kettle corn. I followed my traditional kettle corn recipe for this, which is basically oil, popping corn, sugar, and salt.

    Cooking Kettle Corn

    There are a few of tricks for making the kettle corn:

    1) Make sure you use a lid. With popcorn kernels popping, that means hot sugar oil can splatter if you aren’t careful.

    2) Once the kernels start popping, keep shaking the pot to help distribute the heat and prevent burned popcorn.

    3) Oven mitts are your friends. The handles of my pot get hot, so shaking a pot while keeping a lid on is much, much easier if you have an oven mitt on each hand.

    As I waited for the kettle corn to pop, I chopped up my TWIX® Bites. I chopped up about half the bag of TWIX® Bites, but you can certainly add more or less depending on how much chocolate, caramel, and cookie goodness you want in your kettle corn.

    Chopped Twix Bites

    After the kettle corn finished cooking, I drained any excess oil through a colander and paper towels. Then I mixed in my chopped TWIX® Bites. Since the kettle corn is hot (very hot) right out of the pot, it starts melting the chocolate and caramel from the TWIX® Bites. As you keep mixing, the chocolate and caramel lightly coat the hot kettle corn making for extremely tasty bites of TWIX® Bites Kettle Corn.

    TWIX® Bites Kettle Corn is an easy recipe to make a sweet snack or a light dessert. It combines the salty, sweet crunch of kettle corn with the rich chocolate, smooth caramel, and crispy cookie that comes with each TWIX® Bites. You could also make this recipe without chopping up the TWIX® Bites and adding them to a bowl of kettle corn for a “surprise” as you eat.

    How do you enjoy your kettle corn? Plain or with tasty additions like TWIX® Bites?

    TWIX Bites Kettle Corn Recipe

    I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. #EatMoreBites

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