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  • Disclosure: This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by HomeZada. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

    I kind of transitioned into home ownership. As I moved from an apartment to a condo to a house, the work that I needed to do to help maintain my home started to increase. In an apartment, if something broke I could just call the manager. With a condo, there wasn’t a yard and I didn’t have to worry about any upkeep for the exterior of the home. Now, Gil and I are responsible for keeping our detached home in good care.

    Whether you’re a first-time home owner or you’ve been living in the same house since childhood, HomeZada is a new resource to help you get organized and maintain your home. HomeZada is available via web or their SmartPhone app and provides easy to use checklists, project planners, and other tools to manage your home. HomeZada offers both a Free and Premium account option. Premium accounts unlock access to Home Maintenance resources, Home Improvement Project guides and more. You can manage property documents, contacts, and home inventory features with both free and premium HomeZada accounts.

    HomeZada Vegetable Garden Project

    For me, the HomeZadas “To Dos” Checklist are just what we need to give our home some TLC. From checking your fire extinguishers’ pressure to cleaning out the fireplace and flue, HomeZada has a complete list of To Dos for our home. Each checklist has a recommended frequency and How To instructions and videos to help you complete your To Do list. These To Dos are thorough, too. I’ve never ever checked that my water shutoff valves are working, even though it’s important the valves are in working order. Fortunately, HomeZada is here to remind us!

    Maintain Your Home with HomeZada

    The first thing on our checklist is to “Check exterior railings on balconies and decks.” This is an especially relevant and important item for us because the dogs have been hanging out on the front deck a lot. That means lots of jumping and leaning against the rails of the deck and gate. HomeZada also provided tips on where to look for wear and tear on the rails, as well as a video for how to build a deck railing.

    Railings on decks and stairs

    Inspecting your railings takes diligence in looking at the vertical posts, the top and bottom side rails, the balusters, and the top rail. Placing pressure on these components can give you an indication if the connections are loose at all.

    As we complete each of our To Do items, we can mark them off as “Done” or hit “Snooze” to delay the To Do to another date. HomeZada also offers a convenient search and sort by To Do due date so you can easily see which To Do items are coming up soon.

    HomeZada is a great way to easily track your home inventory, maintenance to-do lists, and home improvement projects. If you’re a current or future home owner, you can create your HomeZada account for free to see how they can help you manage your home.

    HomeZada Online

    $300 HomeZada Giveaway

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    TWO winners will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card plus a 1 year HomeZada membership!
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    Disclosure: This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by HomeZada. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

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