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  • The other day, someone on Facebook mentioned that her professor thought that people, by default are mean. That “random acts of kindness” are the exception, not the rule. I disagree with that statement. I believe that we, people, are fashioned in God’s image. God is love. God is light. God is kindness. Everything God does is an “act of kindness” (although not at all random.) I do, however believe that there are things in this world that cause people to veer away from His image. It’s been happening for thousands of years, since the fall of man.

    God is Love

    Can I get an “Amen”?

    I would suggest that there are more random acts of kindness happening every day than people realize.

    How many times has someone smiled on you as they passed on the street? How many times did you smile back because happiness is contagious. Once you smiled, did you feel better than you did before you smiled? Probably. BAM! That smile, that random act of kindness, just gave you a boost.

    Have you ever held a door open for someone else? Whether it was someone older, pregnant, or someone who just needed an assist. Did you plan it? Did you wake up in the morning thinking, “I’m going to open the door for people today?” Likely not. More likely is that you saw someone who needed assistance, so you did. BAM! Random act of kindness.

    Yes, our days are filled with random acts of kindness, both small and large, with each act being a display of the love and kindness that resides in all of us. While a lot of media coverage has been given to the police officer who bought a homeless man a pair of shoes, I would like to share a couple of videos of some kids who embody “kindness.” Before watching either of these videos, make sure you have a box of Kleenex.

    Meet Jared Stevens. Jared has cerebal palsy, with the physical capacity of a six-month-old. This is his very first wrestling match. His opponent is Justin Kievit. Before the match begins, Jared’s coach helps him to the mat. Once the match begins, Justin demonstrates kindness, love, and sportsmanship by maneuvering under Jared’s arm so he can be pinned. Jared wins the match.

    It’s Field Day at Colonial Hills Elementary School, and Matt, who has Spastic Cerebral Palsy, decides to run during the event. As Matt runs laps, students who have already finished the race join him around the course, cheering clapping, and encouraging.

    Seeing these kids do such loving acts brings tears to my eyes. Not just because of the sportsmanship and goodwill they are showing, but because they are a symbol. They are a symbol of how we, as people, can be. They are a symbol of our potential to be godly, loving, and humble people. Imagine if each and every one of us showed the same kindness and caring every day, all day. Then, maybe then, we would achieve heaven on earth.

    Have you experienced a random act of kindness? Share it in the comments below!

    Photo Credit: S. Buchan

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    • Lauryn Heintzelman says:

      I agree too. I believe by default people are kind.

    • Michelle Washburn says:

      I had knocked down a pallet of Cheerios at the supermarket, an elderly lady helped me pick them up, I knew she was having a hard time physically, but I let her do it because I know she was doing it to help, to give kindness. How great was that!

    • jill jacoby says:

      I have experienced random acts of kindness and have been the giver of random acts of kindness. The feeling of giving a random act of kindness is something too wonderful for words.

    • jill jacoby says:

      I have been the recipient and the giver of random acts of kindness. The feeling you get by doing a random act of kindness is too wonderful for words.

    • Becky Bryant says:

      Very nice. I believe that doing good comes back to you tenfold. I try to do as much good as possible but it is hard not to be jaded in this world anymore.

    • Carol Smith says:

      I planned my day out to do banking and shopping errands after my dental appointment. Knowing I was going to have to use the toll road I grabbed a dollar out of the kitchen “money jar” for the toll as I had no cash until I completed my banking. Upon entering the toll booth signs greeted me that it was the first day of the great toll increase to $1.50. Embarrased knowing I would have to tear the car apart and completely empty my purse scrounging for 50 cents plus hold up the line, the clerk smiles and says the car ahead of you has paid your toll today as an act of kindness. To whomever did this – may God bless you!

    • Lynnette Watkins says:

      If you help someone it will come back to you. I believe by helping others, you help yourself.

    • Debbie Welchert says:

      I agree with you. I believe that all people are born with the ability to be kind to others.

    • Ari says:

      I agree with you, I think humans have an innate sense of goodness that is holistically very humane and is a natural characteristic of being human. For all the bad in the world, there is very little focused on all the good that is occurring daily, regardless of how small of an act it is.

    • MADDIE k. says:

      I do not believe people are mean by default. Not too long ago there was a woman getting coffee and her husband was talking down to her. Her countenance was so low and I leaned in and just asked if I could give her a hug. She was a stranger. I gave her a warm hug and whispered that she was beautiful and that it would be ok. Seemed to really cheer her up. She was touched. I guess her husband was too because on the way out he apologized to her and then paid for my coffee. Small gestures. Pay it forward.

    • Rosie says:

      not that often, but when someone does, it has a big impact! I like to do RAOK myself, not for any special reason other than I know how good it feels to receive one!

    • Maria Iemma says:

      I believe that most people are good and that daily thousands of RAK happen mostly unnoticed. I believe in the human spirit and hope that I do unto others…

    • ANN*H says:

      I like to do random acts of kindness they make me feel good. I remember this one day in the grocery store I couldnt reach a box up on the shelf as I was struggling to reach it this little old lady said I can help .I thought to myself how is she going to help shes as short as I am . Well low and behold she turned to her husband and said to him ” Help that lady and get that down for her” and he did. I always pay back when someone else needs help in the grocery store.

    • Mary says:

      A few weeks ago someone ahead of me in the drive-thru line at Starbucks paid for my coffee. It was such a simple gesture but made me feel so good for the next few days that I was passing along the warm feelings to others.

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