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  • It’s a little known fact (unless you’ve been following this blog for awhile) that I used to work at a meal assembly store. I kind of chuckle at the thought of it, as I see how funny it is that someone who didn’t even know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich was working at a place that had anything to do with food. At the same time, it also makes sense – at meal assembly stores, it’s almost like a dinnertime paint by numbers. They tell you how much to scoop and you pretty much throw everything into a bag, then freeze it to cook at a later date.

    Needless to say, I ate a lot of assembled meals while I worked there, and as I ate, I discovered some pretty tasty foods. One of my favorites from this store was their Canadian Bacon Stuffed French Bread. Let me tell you, this is probably one of my favorite sandwiches of all time. Buttery, cream cheesy coated French Bread sandwiching Swiss Cheese, Canadian Bacon, and Sausage. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. This sandwich is perfect for parties, tailgates, or even just for chowing down. I’ll be honest that this shouldn’t be considered healthy by any means. It uses a full stick of butter and cream cheese for the spread alone. But those extra calories are sooooo worth it.

    Canadian Bacon and Sausage Stuffed French Bread

    Possibly the best sandwich ever – Canadian Bacon and Sausage Stuffed French Bread

    While the store’s recipe is proprietary (and I never memorized it) I finally found a recipe that captures the essence of their stuffed french bread.

    4.7 from 19 reviews
    Canadian Bacon and Sausage Stuffed French Bread
    Serves: 8
    • 1 loaf of French Bread
    • 1 stick (1/2 cup) of butter or spread, softened
    • 1 stick (1/2 cup) of low-fat cream cheese
    • 1 Tbsp onion flakes
    • 1 Tbsp. dried parsley
    • 1 Tbsp. poppy seeds
    • 4 slices Swiss cheese, cut into 8 triangles
    • 8 pieces Canadian bacon
    • 1 - 1½ cup pre-cooked sausage crumbles
    1. Preheat oven to 400F
    2. Place a 3 foot long piece of aluminum foil on the counter.
    3. Cut the loaf of French bread length-wise, horizontally so you have a top half and bottom half.
    4. In a mix, combine the softened butter, cream cheese, onion flakes, dried parsley, and poppy seeds until smooth.
    5. Spread the mixture on the top and bottom halves of the bread. There might be extra.

    To start off, you can pick up a loaf of French bread from your local grocery store. If you plan on freezing the sandwich, you can also check the freezer aisle to see if they have any “par-baked” (partially baked) bread. I used a loaf of freshly baked French bread. Cut the top half of the bread off so you have a top and bottom for the sandwich.

    Halved French Bread

    The top and bottom half of our sandwich.

    Next, we’re going to make the spread. Make sure you let the butter soften so it can easily blend with the cream cheese. You can hand mix if needed, but I threw the butter, cream cheese, onion flakes, poppy seeds, and dried parsley into my mixer and let it do all the work. I blended on medium speed for less than a minute to get a nice, creamy spread.

    Sandwich Spread

    This spread smells soooo good.

    Next, spread the mixture on the top and bottom halves of the French bread. There is more than enough spread to add a good layer to each half, so feel free to be generous if you want, or you can go lighter (but then it’d be a little less flavorful.)

    Once the spread is on the bread, it’s time to layer on the other ingredients. First, it’s the Swiss cheese. My cheese came in squares so I just cut across the diagonal to get 8 triangles. Depending on your loaf and the cheese, you might have a little overlap of cheese.

    Swiss Cheese

    The first layer is down – Swiss cheese.

    After the Swiss cheese, it’s time for the Canadian bacon. You can usually find Canadian bacon at the grocery store. I found mine near the breakfast meats.

    Canadian Bacon

    Everything is better with Canadian bacon.

    Finally, we’re topping the sandwich with the pre-cooked sausage crumble. Again, I found this in the breakfast meats section. If you can’t find it there, you can always grab some Jimmy Dean and cook up your own sausage crumble. Do this step a little slower since the crumble can tumble off the bread if you aren’t careful.

    Sausage Crumble

    Place the top of the bread back onto the bottom half, wrap in foil, then bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes – long enough for it to get hot and for the cheese to melt.

    Canadian Bacon and Sausage Stuffed French Bread

    20 minutes until pure deliciousness.

    One sandwich is supposed to serve 8 people, but I can pretty much guarantee that everyone will eat a double serving – it’s that good. This Canadian Bacon and Sausage Stuffed French Bread sandwich is so easy to make with such delicious results. Let me know if you give it a try!

    46 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • Jo-Ann Brightman says:

      This recipe is so good and it could also be done in variations: different cheeses, gpournd turkey or turkey slices, etc.

    • Michelle F. says:

      Love the addition of the cream cheese

    • Karen Glatt says:

      This sandwich looks so delicious! I do not think that it looks hard to make! I would love to make this as a family meal! We all love sandwiches as my house. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • cathy henatyszen says:

      A really nice looking meal/sandwich!!! thanks for sharing with all of us

    • Bonnie says:

      This sandwich would be a perfect item to bring to football and movie parties!

    • *drool*

      This looks so good!

    • Cecile says:

      I love to make this with different meats as well. Yum!

    • Emily says:

      My husband would love this. I think it would be great for a super bowl party, too!

    • You have no idea how much you made my mouth water with this. It looks so delicious!

    • Rachel says:

      Oh YUM! This looks divine. Totally going to see what I can rummage in the kitchen now. Of course its the night before we go for groceries too. LOL Thanks for sharing, we’ll have to try this soon!

    • Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

      I love sandwiches. I’ll have to try this. I have never thought of putting a cream cheese spread on my sandwich. That sounds really good. Thanks for the recipe =D

    • Kecia says:

      Wow, this looks yummy! It would be a great finger food for parties too.

    • YUmmy and delicious? Yes, Please!

    • YUM! That looks GREAT!! Pinning!!! And going to get a midnight snack now! You made me hungry!

    • Heather M says:

      This looks so yummy!

    • Amy S. says:

      Looks yummy and the pictures look wonderful.

    • Sarah L says:

      I could eat that! Maybe twice a year… Flavors sound very good.

    • Greta says:

      That sounds really good!

    • Sharon Siqueiros says:

      I’m teaching a wire wrap class at my house this weekend and this would be perfect to serve to the ladies!! I really like the idea of the cream cheese
      Thanks for the recipe!!

    • NIcole Strunk says:

      The spread looks amazing!

    • Ari says:

      That spread looks very tasty (I like seasonings or some kind of spice in my spreads) and easy to make! Of course, it may be a bit too much to indulge in every day, but I think it’s a good choice for the occasional sandwich. I will have to make some for myself. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    • Celina K says:

      Oh my gosh this looks good! And awful, at the same time. I adore cream cheese…so bad for me! Thanks for the recipe, maybe I’ll make it for a treat sometime :)

    • Christina Kelbel says:

      That sounds very good, I love cream cheese spreads!

    • Blue Sea says:

      It’s looks yummy. I’ll keep this so that I can make it later

    • Nicole Becker says:

      OMG!! This looks so yummy!! I will be making this. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Renata S says:

      Thanks! I’ll keep the recipe and try!

    • Brooke Adametz says:

      My husband would absolutely LOVE this! And thank you for the great recipe layout, that makes it so easy to just pop it into my recipe binder without having to retype or write it down! =)

    • carla bonesteel says:

      This is a very cool twist on a sub…my boyfriend will love this, with all the meat!!

    • Paula V says:

      This looks so good. I’m hungry.

    • Dandi D says:

      Yum! This looks really good! We might have to try it for supper.

    • MADDIE k. says:

      The cream cheese spread alone makes this sound delish!

    • Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

      I was thinking of making these and the less mess the better. I think i’ll put the cheese on the bottom and top this way the cheese will help hold in the sausage.

    • Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

      I’m throwing a birthday party for my daughter next month and last year I made a bunch of appetizers but I don’t think they cut it. I think I will try something like this, this time. The look amazing and I’m sure they will be a hit at the party.

    • Robin Wilson says:

      Well I knew you shouldn’t go to the grocery store when you were hungry, but I didn’t know you shouldn’t look at great recipes. The pics are awesome and the recipe even more so!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Maria Iemma says:

      Fantastic recipe ! my husband loves sausage and I am always looking for new ways to serve it

    • Wanda Tracey says:

      My daughter will pass up a full course meal for a sandwich.She loves and eats so many sandwiches that guess what?She ended up with the nick-name “Sandwich”.LOL. I am pretty certain she will love this one when I make it for her.

    • Wanda Tracey says:

      My daughter will pass up a full course meal for a sandwich.She loves and eats so many sandwiches that guess what?She ended up with the nick-name “Sandwich”.LOL. I am pretty certain she will love this one when I make it for her.

    • lisa says:

      I’m glad you said it’s not healthy. That sounds too rich for my arteries!

    • Michael Murray says:

      Gotta try this except maybe use cuban bread instead

    • md kennedy says:

      This would be awesome with spicy Chorizo sausage and spanish ham instead of the Canadian bacon. As well, why bothe rwith the low-fat cream cheese – may as well go with the full-fat, real food stuff…

    • Amy Bealer says:

      This looks absolutely fantastic…and easy,,,I definitely must try it!

    • ANN*H says:

      Yum this sounds and looks so good. The spread made for it seems like its got alot of good ingredients in it too. thanks for the recipe

    • OMG!! This looks sooooo yummy!!! And it is really easy to make. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe.

    • Rosie says:

      oh oh, this looks soooo good! It’s making me so hungry! I love this ingredients and putting them all together as a combo is a great idea!

    • ANN*H says:

      Mmmm….. this sound so yummy . easy to make on a night we dont want a full meal. thanks for the pictures and the recipe

    • Kim says:

      I am SO happy to have found this!! My kids LOVE this sandwich, but we don’t really care for many of the dishes at the meal assembly place. Now I can make a bunch and store in my freezer for them. Thank you for posting!!

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