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  • It’s no secret that I enjoy candy. Whether it’s snacking on YumEarth sour beans or dipping into my secret chocolate stash, a sweet treat is often a nice rewards after a day at the computer. So it may come as no surprise, that when we got the opportunity to review Bocandy – a new subscription box that delivers candy from around the world every month – the answer was “Yes.”

    Bocandy Candy Subscription Box
    If you’re not familiar with subscription boxes, here’s a quick run down. When you subscribe to a subscription box, every month (or sometimes every week or every quarter) you’ll receive a surprise box of products. What’s in your box will depend on the type of subscription box you choose – whether it’s clothes, beauty items, or in this case – CANDY!

    A few days prior to the delivery, we received an email from Bocandy with our tracking number and a little bit of information about all of the candies included in this month’s candy delivery. We don’t usually find out about what’s in a subscription box until it arrives, but in this case, knowing what was coming made it that much more exciting to finally receive our Bocandy subscription delivery.

    Our first Bocandy delivery arrived through USPS in a red bubble mailer.

    Bocandy Candy Subscription Box - Mailer

    Opening the mailer and pouring candy out of it was just as fun as it sounds.

    June Bocandy Candy Subscription Box

    Next, it was time to survey the candy that was in this month’s Bocandy subscription box.

    June Bocandy Candy Subscription Box
    Do you see those tiny foil-wrapped, pink and yellow candies? I was SO excited to see these. I’d tried these Chipurnoi Glitterati candies in my younger years during a trip to Italy and loved them so much, that I took handfuls of them as I was leaving the restaurants I had dined in. I didn’t think I’d ever see or eat these fruit candies again once my stockpile had been depleted.

    I know many of you might recognize the familiar gold packaging of the Haribo Gold Bears, but what you might not know is these are from Germany! These are definitely my favorite gummy bears, so this candy was another hit for us.

    I wasn’t familiar with most of the other candies but I am looking forward to trying them all – especially the Fazer Mints from Finland and the ROM bar from Romania. Also included in this month’s Bocandy were:

    • Walker’s Toffee from England
    • De La Rosa Marzipan Peanut from Mexico
    • Ptichye Moloko from Russia
    • Coconut London Roll from Malaysia

    I loved the variety and quantity of candy that arrived from Bocandy and I can wait to discover new candies from around the world in the upcoming months. Bocandy subscriptions start at just $13 a month, with free shipping. With 8 months subscriptions, the price drops to $11 a month (an $88 one-time charge.) Bocandy also offers 4 month subscriptions for $48 ($12 a month.)

    Do you want to give the  Bocandy candy subscription box a try? How about try it for free? For a limited time, you can get a free Bocandy delivery – just pay $3.49 shipping.

    Bocandy Online

    The WiC Project Bocandy Candy Subscription Giveaway

    The Prize:
    One winner will receive a 3 month Bocandy subscription!

    Disclaimer: This post consists of my (and/or fellow tester) opinions only. Your experiences may be different. No compensation was given for this review/giveaway. I did receive a free product from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review. This did not affect the outcome of this review.

    101 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • Christi W says:

      Looks like a fun variety!

    • Christi W says:

      My favorite candy is Lindt extra dark truffles.

    • ann s says:

      Anything with green tea/matcha – yumm!

    • Heather R says:

      anything with refined sugar could qualify as my favorite! lately I’ve been eating a lot of twix.

    • Stacey says:

      My favorite candy is chocolate with coffee in it.. Currently snacking on an Ecuadorian bar. So good!

    • Leela says:

      I love Dove chocolate.

    • Anita says:

      I have always loved Jordon almonds and malted milk balls,don’t know if it’s candy,love nutter butter wafer cookies,fresh baked anything

    • Anita says:

      I have enjoyed your page.

    • Jane Thomas says:

      I love Starburst and skittles.

    • Jen says:

      Cherry sour patch kids

    • Stephanie Shipley says:

      My favorite candy is Reese’s! Thanks for sharing the deal for a free bocandy delivery. I just signed up!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Looks yummy!

    • mrsshukra says:

      Always enjoyed Kit Kats!

    • Love anything with gummies or marshmallows

    • Doreen says:

      I love Lindt chocolate truffles!!

    • latanya says:


    • Ann Fantom says:

      I like Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bars

    • Danielle D says:


    • Jackie says:

      My favorite candy is Godiva milk chocolate truffles. They’re insanely delicious.

    • Christina Howell says:

      I love big hunk and anything with toffee.

    • Barbara Adams says:

      Chocolate and mint combinations are always my first choice

    • diane says:


    • mary m. says:

      I like Hershey’s chocolate

    • Sharon Kaminski says:

      My favorite candy is black licorice.

    • Stephanie says:

      I love Reese’s peanut butter cups – they’re my favorite splurge!

    • Marci Wright says:

      My favorite candy is Zero candy bars & almond M&Ms.

    • Sunnymay says:

      Anything chocolate has my name on it. I like that this gives you a portion control taste of candy in the monthly subscription.

    • Amanda Kinder says:

      I would have to say that peanut butter cups are my kryptonite. Ever since I was little, I’ve been addicted to them.

    • MISSY MARIE says:

      Butterfinger is my favorite candy bar. Skittles too!

    • Jimmy Rector says:

      Hershey bar

    • Carrie Messer says:

      This would be such a neat surprise in the mailbox!

    • Carrie Messer says:

      I love black jelly beans!

    • Sara Sullivan says:

      Gummy bears! (Preferably soaked in vodka!)

    • Britnee says:

      I love sour patch kids! My kid gets them at the movies and I end up mooching most of them!

    • Amy says:

      We love gummy bears!

    • Brett says:

      Candy delivered monthly? Sign me up!

    • Brett says:

      Favorite candy – dark chocolate truffles

    • Karen says:

      My first fav candy is sour bears.

    • Dana says:

      Almond joy is my favorite

    • My favorite Candies are Hershey’s kisses. I also like M&M candies plain.

    • I love the Haribos

    • FRANK says:

      My favorite is Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bar.

    • Rob B says:

      I love Zero bars, when I can find them

    • ELIZABETH C. says:

      I love Reece’s peanut butter cups. Yum

    • Lataevea Burke says:

      I like snickers

    • Ashley says:

      I would have to say M&Ms

    • Robin Wilson says:

      My favorite is a Grand candy bar.

    • Kat Gober says:

      I love any type of sucker. :)

    • annette says:

      sixlets are my childhood fav!

    • sandra says:

      my favorites are kit kat, snickers, and almond joy

    • kelly nicholson says:

      candy is dandy,but liquor is quicker

    • Shannon Greathouse says:

      My favorite candy was Reese’s Cups,until I moved to Texas. Its too hot here and the heat dehydrates the peanut butter and you are left with milk chocolate covered peanut butter flavored chalk.

    • Kyl Neusch says:


    • danielle Marie says:

      i am a huge fan of aero bars from the uk.

    • Robyn says:

      I like 3 Musketeers and Hershey’s Special Dark.

    • Danielle johnson says:

      m & m’s are the best

    • Melissa Dealmeida says:

      I really like sour gummy worms!

    • Natalie Brown says:

      Hi! I love candy! My favorites are Reese’s Cups and Caramels. Thanks!!

    • Denise Welch says:

      I like chocolate and Carmel

    • Tina Reynolds says:

      I like sunkist fruit gems

    • Holli Gorveatt says:

      My favorite candy is peanut butter m&m’s.

    • Brigid OHara Koshko says:

      I love anything chocolate.

    • Jan Hammersmith says:

      My favorite candy is reeese’s

    • Jan Hammersmith says:

      My favorite candy is reeese’s

    • Mihaela Day says:

      I love Dove dark chocolate

    • Beth M says:

      I like coffee crisp!

    • Missy says:

      I love dark chocolate.

    • Missy says:

      I love dark chocolate.

    • Julie W says:

      My favorite candy is basically anything with milk chocolate!

    • Susan Smith says:

      I love Turtles and Snickers

    • Megan C. says:

      5th Avenue is my fav, then Mike & Ike’s

    • Tracy Jones says:

      My favorite is Heath Bar.

    • dark chocolate is my favorite and so good for us

    • Jaclyn Dryden says:

      I love all candy! My favorite would have to be Three Musketeers

    • Sarah Oswald says:

      My favorite candy is anything with Peanut butter or mint in it. I love Reeses Peanut butter cup the most.

    • Teresa Thompson says:

      My favorite is white chocolate reese cups.

    • Lisa L says:

      My fave are Kit Kats

    • Erica C. says:

      I like nerds.

    • Candie L says:

      My oldest son said Twizzlers is his favorite. Thank you

    • trixx says:

      I like Twix!

    • liz l says:

      tootsie rolls!

    • Mary Songer says:

      Payday bars! YUM

    • BILL HOFF says:

      Kit Kat…could eat one every day!

    • Rita A says:

      I like Hershey’s Special Dark!

    • Kasey Hunter says:

      I like 88% dark chocolate from endangered species.

    • Jennifer Speed says:

      I love Smarties and Milk chocolate with almonds.

    • Diana Vuong says:

      I like to try green tea kit kat!

    • Kelley Chapman says:

      I like anything with chocolate.

    • Lauren E. says:

      I like take 5 bars

    • Karen Drake says:

      I love Hersheys Kisses.

    • Angela P. says:

      Reese’s peanut butter cups are my all time favorite.

    • Annemarie Z. says:

      I love Kit Kats!

    • Stephanie Galbraith says:

      I love Snickers.

    • Stephanie Galbraith says:

      I love Snickers.

    • Lisa Vanhook says:

      Lemonheads !

    • Mary Calabrese says:

      What don’t I love? but I really like tootsie rolls.

    • Breanne says:

      I like skittles

    • Laurie Emerson says:

      My favorite candy is Snickers candy bars.

    • Carl White says:

      Chocolate covered peanuts.

    • Sand says:

      I love ice cube chocolates.

    • Sarah L says:

      Reeces peanut butter cups are my favorite.
      Thanks for the contest.

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