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    My hair is different since moving from the EC. Not only is there a temperature change, there’s a humidity change. And for a lot of us, a change in humidity can mean going from limpy hair to dry hair. The difference is even more obvious during the winters. With the cooler temps comes the dryer winter air. Combine that with being in a heated house, and if I’m not careful, I could end up with hair that looks like straw.

    Dove Hair and Walmart have teamed up to help us tackle some of the biggest hair challenges – from combating frizz to making your hair color last longer. Visit see.walmart.com/dovehair where Blogger Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam offers tips and tricks for beautiful “mom” hair. I loved Jordan’s tip for getting beautiful wavy hair without using a curling iron.


    After some trial and error, I’ve found that my hair’s health noticeably improves when I make sure to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water each day. I also switch to washing my hair every third day versus every other day during the spring and summer. Using a moisturizing shampoo like Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner can also help add extra moisture to your hair, combating dryness and improving overall hair health.

    If you want to see how Dove Hair products can help keep your hair beautiful this winter, you can shop all Dove® Hair products at Walmart for every day low prices.

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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    • Sarah Lehan says:

      I swim 3 times a week so I need a good shampoo/conditioner to keep my hair in good shape.

    • Lesa says:

      Interesting that humidity would dry out hair versus moisturize! I’ll try the Dove products, thanks for the post.

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