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    If you follow us on Facebook, you might know that a few weeks ago, I purchased the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel. After walking around the house barefoot most of the time, and Gil just being a man, our feet really needed some TLC. How much we needed it, I won’t get into details, but let’s suffice it to say that when I tapped on the bottom of Gil’s feet, it sounded like I was knocking on wood.

    Then I came across the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel. And then I saw this picture of the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel in action and I was totally grossed out and at the same time, totally wanted to try it.

    Baby Foot Pictures

    Say it with me now, “EEEeeewwwwww!”

    The picture was impressive. The way the skin was just peeling of the foot was both repulsive and appealing. I wanted my feet to feel like baby feet. At the same time, I’m trying to use products that are more natural and aren’t packed with chemicals. As much as I wanted baby soft feet, I didn’t want to achieve it by soaking them in chemicals. Fortunately, the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel is all natural and made with seventeen different natural extracts.

    Baby Foot Ingredients

    I read a little more. According to the product description, the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel can remove up to 80 layers of dead skin from your feet and “will naturally peel the dead skin cells off your feet, leaving your feet as soft as a baby’s foot.”

    I was sold. I forked over $50 ($25 for each treatment) and waited with eager anticipation for it to arrive.

    A few days later, the treatment was here. I opened the package and read the instructions. They’re simple enough. Soak your feet. Put on booties. Put on socks. Hang out for at least an hour while the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel does its work. Rinse off and wait.

    Baby Foot Booties

    The instructions say that it can take 3 to 7 days before you start seeing any results. I’d read that some people saw results the next day, so I started checking my feet daily. Eagerly hoping that I’d start to see some peeling feet.

    Nothing on the first day.

    Nothing on the second day.

    Nothing on the third day. Is this thing working? Did I do something wrong? (At this point, Gil pointed out that you just put the foot in the booties for an hour, you can’t do it “wrong”.)

    Nothing on the fourth day. What if it doesn’t work on my feet? What if it only works for some people?

    Then on the fifth day, I had some peeling. And when I say “some peeling”, I mean “put on my socks or else I’m going to end up leaving a trail of dried skin flakes wherever I walk” peeling.

    TIP #1: Wear socks ALL THE TIME. Sleeping, walking around the house, running errands. When the peeling starts, your feet will REALLY peel, and if you don’t keep socks on, you’ll end up with flakes of dried foot skin EVERYWHERE. Save yourself some cleaning and reduce the gross out factor by keeping your socks on.

    Want to know if the previous picture is “typical” results? Here are a few pictures of my feet around day 8. (If you’re grossed out by dry skin, I apologize.)

    In the first picture, you can see that the skin has peeled the most around the heel and ball of my foot. I think that’s because those are the areas that get the most friction and pressure as I walk.

    Baby Foot Peel Results

    One thing to note is that your ENTIRE foot will peel, not just the bottom of the foot. The top of my foot, in between the toes, on top of the toes, and even around the ankle where the bootie was, ALL started peeling. You can see some of the peeling around the toes in this shot.

    Baby Foot Peel Results

    TIP #2: The instructions specifically say to NOT “help” the peeling. This can be difficult for some. I’ve seen some people just crack and end up with a big pile of peeled skin. Keeping your socks on will help reduce the temptation to peel the skin off yourself. Try to hold out and let the ingredients do their magic.

    TIP #3: If you can handle it, don’t apply lotion. Baby Foot says you can use a “little” moisturizer if needed. One of our friends put lotion on her feet and it appeared to delay the peeling. In my non-scientific opinion, the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel is trying to remove dead skin, while lotion usually tries to moisturize and heal dead skin, so using lotion could counteract the whole purpose of the peel.

    The entire peeling process is supposed to take up to 2 weeks. I’m about 10 days in now and am still experiencing peeling. I’m waiting for the callouses on my big toes to fall off. (They’re dried and look like they would come off if I “helped”, but I’m trying to practice what I preach here.)

    The heels of my feet feel brand new. The tops of my feet feel baby soft. My tops toes feel super soft. To say I’m excited about the results thus far would be an understatement.

    Gil’s foot peeling took a couple of days longer to start seeing the same results I had, but his feet are also looking like brand new feet. I tapped the bottom of his foot yesterday and he exclaimed “I can feel that!” (That wasn’t the case before.)

    If you get pedicures and have your feet scrubbed, I’ll tell you that, in my opinion, this Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel is 1,000 times better than that. Your pedicurist (is that a word) would need to do some serious scraping to achieve similar results.

    The Ultimate Foot Treatment: Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel

    If your feet need a refresh or you want to give yourself the ultimate at-home foot treatment, I definitely recommend the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel. The Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel costs $25 per treatment (there are two booties in each box.) Order your Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel today and get FREE shipping on your order.

    Buy Now

    Are you going to give the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel a try? (You should!) If you have any questions, leave them below and I’ll answer as best I can.


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