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  • Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Target. All opinions and content are my own.

    While Gil and I tend to live a holistic lifestyle, there may be times when a stop by a pharmacy is needed. Pharmacies have always been somewhat of a mystery to me, an almost clinical corner that I’ve only stopped by when I had to. I used to think that all that mattered was whether or not they could “deliver the goods.” But in truth, there’s so much more to a pharmacy than just the pharmacy.

    Target Pharmacy Logo

    In the past, I’ve had to make special trips to run to the pharmacy, then figure out what to do while I waited for the prescription to be filled. Target Pharmacy is conveniently located in (wait for it) … Target! That means I can drop off a prescription and then peruse the Target aisles pick-up a few items on my shopping list while I wait. Even better, I can get a text message when a prescription is ready for pick-up so I can time my checkout perfectly.

    Target PharmacyGeneric Brands
    I spend when I need to and save when I can. Generic prescriptions are a one way to get what you need at a much (often much, much) more affordable price. Especially when you’re self-employed and covering your own insurance costs, the availability and price of generic prescriptions is important. Target Pharmacy offers $4 generic prescriptions so you can get brand-name equivalent prescriptions at a not-so-brand-name price. You can see what generic prescriptions are available at target.com/pharmacy.

    Easy Rewards
    Honestly, there are so many other things I’d rather spend money on than prescriptions. But when you do have to fulfill a prescription, at least Target offers Target Pharmacy Rewards. After 5 prescription fills, you earn 5% off an entire day of shopping online or in-store, so you can save money on the things you want to buy (instead of have to buy).

    Even if you’ve already been fulfilling your prescriptions at another pharmacy, you can still transfer to Target Pharmacy. To get started, you can “Flip the Script” in-store, online or on your mobile device. Flip the Script online and get a coupon to save 5% off a day of shopping. April is the perfect time to fill your scripts at Target because of Double Credit Days. During Double Credit Days, for every fill, you’ll earn twice the rewards!

    The WiC Project Target Pharmacy Giveaway

    $50 Target Giveaway

    One winner will receive a $50 Target eGiftCard.

    Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Target. All opinions and content are my own.

    The Ultimate Foot Treatment: Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel
    If you follow us on Facebook, you might know that a few weeks ago, I purchased the Baby Foot Foot Exfoliate Peel. After walking around the house barefoot most of the time, and Gil just being a man, our feet really needed some TLC. How much we needed it, I won’t get into details, but… Continue reading →
    My hair is different since moving from the EC. Not only is there a temperature change, there’s a humidity change. And for a lot of us, a change in humidity can mean going from limpy hair to dry hair. The difference is even more obvious during the winters. With the cooler temps comes the dryer… Continue reading →
    Walgreens Hair Innovation #TryandTell
    I started cutting my own hair last year. Between not having a salon nearby and the desire to save money, cutting my own hair was a fairly easy (although somewhat intimidating) decision. Fortunately, there are boatloads of tutorials and tips for cutting your own hair that helped me to cut my own layer hairstyle. Now… Continue reading →
    Ricola Chrüterchraft Prize Pack
    When I worked in the corporate world, sick days were valuable. If you were feeling under the weather, you could take a sick day without having to use your even-more-valuable vacation days. Our HR person would always encourage use to “use them or lose them” if we were feeling the sniffles coming on. But what… Continue reading →
    Mustard Seeds

    God’s Equations and Formulas: Basics 101

    Have you ever heard of the scripture that says “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”? (James 4: 6) If you think about it, there’s a lot that can be gleaned from these words Read More
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