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    It was a big deal when I got my first locker. In high school, it’s all about locker placement. You absolutely did not want a bottom locker. Freshmen with lockers on the outskirts of the campus were envious of the seniors who had lockers right next to the quad. My first locker was at the end of building F, next to the gym, and fortunately located in the third row – a convenient height for loading and unloading of books.

    Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial Combination LockBut just because you had a locker didn’t mean your school supplies were safe. There were locks that didn’t work and combinations that wouldn’t reset – something to be expected after years and years of use and locker door slamming by students. One way to help keep belongings safe at school is to purchase a sturdy lock. Even if the locker has a combination lock, a secondary lock will help ensure that some yahoo doesn’t decide to help themselves to those backpacks, electronics, like cell phones and laptops, money, and other valuables you just purchased for the kids.

    Another way to keep those smaller electronics and valuables safe is with the new Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace, one of several products Master Lock has that are perfect for heading back to school. The Master Lock 5900 SafeSpace Portable Safe is just the right size for wallets, iPods, small cameras, and other smaller, portable valuables.

    Master Lock 5900D SpaceSafe Portable Safe

    One of my favorite features of the Master Lock 5900D Safe Space is that you can set your own combination. I can’t even count the number of different locks I’ve gone through because I’d forgotten the combination.

    Not only is the MasterLock 5900D portable and lightweight, it’s also water-resistant, making it a great way to just keep your valuables safe and dry during rainy weather. You can aslo use the earbud and charging cable access port to listen to music while still keeping your iPod or MP3 player safe.

    Before you send the kids back to school, check out the different Master Lock Back to School product line  to see which product will help keep your child’s belongings safe.

    The Master Lock Campus Challenge

    From July 15 through September 8, head over to the Master Lock Facebook Page for the Master Lock Campus Challenge. Each day, there will be instant prize winners as well as a weekly sweepstakes and a grand prize winner!

    Master Lock Twitter Party

    Want to talk more about Master Lock, Back to School, and have chances to win? Save the date for the Master Lock Back to School Twittery Party on August 6!

    When: Tuesday, August 6th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET
    Hashtag: #MasterBacktoSchool on Twitter
    Host: @ResourcefulMom
    Sponsor: @MasterLockUS

    Do you have any back to school safety tips?

    Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Master Lock.

    17 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • denise says:

      the spacesafe product you mentioned sounds great.

    • Mabel says:

      The new locks look awesome!

    • Megan says:

      Locks are great, but the best rule of thumb (that has been in place since long before my own long-ago school days) is to not bring anything to school that you can’t afford to replace! No matter what, the school isn’t liable for damage or loss – you are – so you can live without it until you get home if you don’t want to lose it!

    • Andrea Williams says:

      Neat products! I love the new lock that uses letters and numbers. At our school the kids share lockers too, because there aren’t enough and the SafeSpace would come in handy.

    • Lisa R says:

      I like that you can change the lock code, my son has forgotten his combination so many times

      sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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    • Tonica Harris says:

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    • maria says:

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