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  • Disclaimer: I received Miss NiNi’s products for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

    Through some happy twist of fate, less than a week after telling Gil that I had a hankering for cheesecake, an opportunity came that I couldn’t refuse. The opportunity to receive and devour gourmet cheesecake from Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts. Founder and championship competitive baker Miss Nini has been baking since she as a little girl, and all those decades of being the kitchen have allowed her to create and bake award winning cakes and cheesecakes.

    I browsed the Miss NiNi’s website and struggled to choose which cheesecake I wanted to try. Best of the Best Lemon? Peanut Butter Fudge? Creamy Vanilla? They all sounded so good! Fortunately, there’s a solution for those of us who just can’t decide. The Create Your Own Cheesecake option allows you to choose the four different flavors you’d like in your cheesecake.

    We received a special sampler cheesecake, which I have now named “Miss NiNi’s Wheel of Cheesecake Awesomeness.”

    Miss NiNi's Cheesecake

    The cheesecake arrived in a perfectly-sized foam container with some dry ice to keep it cool. I let the cheesecake start to thaw, but before long, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to try a slice and I was going to start with the Best of the Best Lemon. I chuckle at myself now as I think back and remember how I carefully cut each slice in half to I could “have it again later.” After the first bite of cheesecake, I realized that I needn’t have cut anything. I was about to eat the entire slice of cheesecake.

    Miss NiNi's Lemon Cheescake

    Disclosure: I’m using one of Miss NiNi’s pictures of this Best of the Best Lemon Cheesecake because I ate it ALL before I could take a picture. It was delicious.

    To say that Miss NiNi’s Best of the Best Lemon Cheesecake is my favorite cheesecake of all time would not be an exaggeration. It had a wonderful lemon flavor that was neither too strong nor too mild. There was a definite taste of lemon, while still the familiar “cheesecake” flavor. And the crust…my goodness. It was the most flavorful cheesecake crust I’ve ever tasted. If cookies were made from that crust, I would buy them from the barrel.

    In order to ensure a thorough review, I took it upon myself to personally eat each flavor of cheesecake (except for Italian Tiramisu, which I saved for last and am so looking forward too.) Yes, I ate almost the entire Miss NiNi’s Wheel of Cheesecake Awesomeness by myself and I don’t regret a single bite. (Note: not all in one sitting. This was over the course of the week.)

    With each flavor of Miss NiNi’s cheesecakes, I was impressed by the pure flavor of the ingredients and the consistent quality of the cheesecake. Te Raspberry Swirls in the Lemon Raspberry and Chocolate Raspberry cheesecakes tasted like fresh raspberry. The chocolate chunks in the Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake tasted like gourmet chocolate. The Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake perfectly combined the peanut butter and fudge flavors to create a decadent, but light, cheesecake. I’ve never had cheesecakes that were so rich in flavor without leaving me feeling full and heavy after eating.

    Miss NiNi's Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake

    Without a doubt, I will be ordering more of Miss NiNi’s delicious cheesecakes. Fortunately, you can order Miss NiNi’s cheesecakes and cakes online and they’ll ship anywhere in the continental US. I know I’ll be getting more Best of the Best Lemon cheesecake and would love to try the Creamy Vanilla cheesecake as well.

    If you have a family event or party coming up, or if you’re looking for a great gift for someone who likes cheesecakes, I encourage you to check out Miss NiNi’s cheesecakes from Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts.

    What’s your favorite flavor of cheesecake?

    Miss Nini’s Online

    21 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • denise says:


    • Karen Glatt says:

      I am impressed that these Cheesecakes can come in the mail. I like the Peanut butter flavor, and would love to try it. I bet all of the flavors are so delicious! Cheesecake is a hard dessert to make, so I leave it to the pros. I will have to look into this site!

    • Megan says:

      omg that looks amazing!

    • kayla says:


    • Nicole Strunk says:

      oh yum! I love almost all cheesecake, just depends on my mood. Turtle and New York cheesecake with fresh lemon squeezed on it are my tops. I have always wanted to get a cheesecake wheel and just start in the middle. I would have to have help though!

    • Mer says:

      Yum! I want to try all the flavors! I really like the idea of a create your own, so to customize for my family’s tastes.

    • Cheesecake is my most FAVORITE dessert ever!! I think my favorite in the sampler pic would be the Best of the Best Lemon one!! YUM!!

    • That looks so good! I wish I had NOT stopped at this review because now I HAVE to get some cheesecake! LOL Thanks for the 5 lbs I’m going to gain! J/K But that looks so yummy!

    • Helena says:

      Yummy!looks delicious!
      I love cheesecakes!

    • Sandy Cain says:

      ALL cheesecake are my favorite! Come on, tell the truth – have you ever met a cheesecake you DIDN’T like????

    • rebeka deleon says:

      omg these look so amazing and delicious! we love cheesecake. wish i could get this for my husband for father’s day.

    • Sarah Lehan says:

      Pardon me while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard. YUM!

    • Kate F. says:

      That looks so good! I want to try the caramel chocolate chunk.

    • Maria Iemma says:

      I love that there is something for everyone – and you can pick the one you want to taste…I would choose the plain one, I am not very adventurous but I know my son will choose the caramel chocolate chunk.

    • Shirley Carr says:

      peanut butter fudge looks great!

    • Jeff Legg says:

      I love the wheel of awesomeness, I mean wheel of cheese cake sampler. Looks delicious!

    • Betsy Barnes says:

      These all look amazing! My eye went straight to the Peanut Butter Fudge, yum! :)

    • John M. says:

      I never heard of Miss ninis cheescakes before reading your review. Thanks for the info. The Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake sound very good!

    • maribel says:

      I love cheescake i never seen a peanut cheesecake before, this post is for the ipad or surface giveaway.

    • maribel says:

      I love cheescake i never seen a peanut cheesecake before, this post is for the ipad or surface giveaway. All the cheesecake are yummy.

    • Ari says:

      I would call it the wheel of awesomeness too! All of the flavors sound too good! I’m not even a lemon or citrus pie fan, but that cheesecake sounds delicious! I will have to remember Miss Nini’s as a source for yummy desserts!

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