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  • The other day, I joked with Gil, “You know I’m a graphic designer when I want to buy fonts more than I want to buy shoes.” We both got a chuckle out of it, but that statement highlights a stereotype about women. We shop. We like shopping, with many of us using shopping as a way to unwind, relax, or to just dream.

    Mum's CashBut as life so often reminds us, there’s another side to money than just buying. There’s also the need to plan. Whether it’s creating a budget of monthly expenses, or planning for retirement, it’s important that we understand our finances, both short term and long term.

    A recent USA Today article, “Women’s financial power grows faster than savvy,” discussed that while women are becoming more financially independent or are becoming more involved in financial decisions, their knowledge and comfort with finances has not kept pace with the responsibilities. Anxiousness and lack of confidence in managing investments can prevent women from taking the next step towards financial knowledge.

    I remember when I first starting handling my finances in college. My eyes might have glazed over a bit when all those prospectuses (prospecti?) started showing up in the mail. Proxy votes, gain/loss statements, and exercising options just sounded like some sort of accounting mumbo jumbo. I had stacks of papers to read and didn’t know why they were important. Over the years, I’ve asked questions, read articles, and have become more confident in dealing with finances.

    Fortunately, it’s easier than ever for women to learn about investing, financial planning, and long term care. Genworth Financial offers several resources that you can use to help educate yourself about finances. They offer tips for different ways you can plan for your future, no matter what age you start, finding a financial advisor, and more.

    Even if you aren’t responsible for managing finances now, it’s still important for you to be knowledgeable enough to make decisions if needed. While there’s a lot of information out there, the more you know, the better you can plan for your financial future.

    How comfortable are you with handling yours/your family’s finances?

    Disclaimer: Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.

    18 Comments so far. Please add yours!

    • Caitlan Meador says:

      Good post. I am a SAHM with a graphic design background and Associates degree to match and currently work freelance from home for the local newspaper. I am NOT a shopper, I do not spend money on me, I would rather spend money on my kids, but it is ALWAYS a good idea to learn how to budget and manage money early on :)

    • Sherry J says:

      Thanks for the tips.

    • Ari says:

      I think this need for financial knowledge should be a national agenda. What with the economic situation the way it is, now seems like an imperative time to allow financial prowess and money management to become more known as a valuable and common skill set to have. It would be great if there were workshops offered from so called financial corporations to help women, and maybe the greater public, become more financially aware.

    • Donna George says:

      ALL people should learn to handle their finances. Especially Dave Ramsey’s course.

    • MD Kennedy says:

      I am fantastic handling our family finances, other than the investing portion which I leave to my husband because he enjoys it.

    • Paula V says:

      I’m a font girl too. ha1
      Yes I feel very confident in handling my family’s finances. I’m very frugal and conservative while being wise in what we spend on one income.

    • Chrystal D says:

      I’m fairly comfortable handling ours…for now!

    • Sherry J says:

      Thanks for sharing this post.

    • saminder gumer says:

      i am very comfortable with handling the family’s finances. i have been handling finances ever since i was in high school and the responsibility has grown over the years. i have got a system i try to use and it has been working for the most part.

    • ANN*H says:

      I feel comfortable taking care of the finances. I handle the budget and make all the financial decisions. I think more woman should stand up and be more involved with the money issues

    • Magdalena Rangel-Berrum says:

      I feel comfortable taking care of my family finances. Thank you very much for this financial information.

    • Wendy Mastin says:

      I am no planning on my retirement and knowing what Health Insurance is going to cost we do need to plan.

    • carla bonesteel says:

      I have a very hard time with my money…I do handle most of the finances in my household, but not well…I’m a very impulsive shopper (especially online…ESPECIALLY when I’m reading these blogs, and products are being reviewed! LOL) And we have very little money to start, so I struggle.

    • Mitzi Fisher says:

      Sometimes I feel alittle overwhelmed handling the money. I’m not really good at saving :( Thanks for the review!

    • Ruth Hill says:

      I should really save more than i do.

    • Mitzi Fisher says:

      I wish Fiances didn’t make you so stressed :( I love your review and thanks for Sharing!

    • Alison says:

      This sounds like a great resource. I’m 24 and recently became interested in getting my finances together, not because I’m good with money (I’m not!!) but because I know I want to retire as early as possible and live comfortably. Easier said than done!

    • md kennedy says:

      Another pointer: think you MUST have something? Wait one day and if you still MUST have it, go ahead, otherwise put the money you would otherwise spend in a nice savings account with only YOUR name on it.

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